Monday, November 20, 2017

A WONDER-ful Weekend

The weekend before this past one was really, really bad.  Like . . . one of the worst in a while, don'twannatalkaboutit, just BAD.  So we had to turn that around this past weekend and have a really great one!

We kicked things off on Friday.  Mark and I met for lunch for the first time in quite a while. We tried King's Palace on Beale.  The food was great (Mark had the Mardi Gras pasta while I chose my old standby shrimp po'boy) but the service was just awful.  It'll be awhile before it was back but it was still so nice to have a meal together - with no kid-ruptions - especially since he was in Minneapolis most of last week!

Friday night was something J, the Girl, and I had been looking forward to for a long time: opening night of Wonder.  All three of us read the book and we were so excited! 

Y'all.  We LOVED it.

Seriously, your kids need to read the book but, even if they haven't, GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  It's just amazing.  The casting was PERFECTION.  The book is always better than the movie (unless it's The Notebook) but they just did such a great job of getting in so many details.  We absolutely loved it, cried through parts of it.  You just cannot help but pull for Augie Pullman!

Please go see this movie.  I'd love to do an entire post as a review but I don't know that I'll have the time given the holiday.  GO SEE IT. 

While we were at the movie, Mark took the K's to Celtic Crossing to see Curtis perform.  When I asked K2 how it was she told me, "I don't know, I just talked to Kathy a lot" while K1 said it was "AWESOME!"  Ha!  Those different personalities! 

After we all made it home, I took the girls and dropped them off at Cady's house for a sleepover.  Why?  Because the rest of us had to be up early to . . .
Tailgate at the Tigers game!

If it looks dead behind these boys that's because it kind of was.  It was 70* in the morning but SUPER windy and the forecast just looked gross.  It was calling for storms and temperatures dropping all day long.  We planned ahead and brought ponchos and stuff with us but, as you can see, the threat of "dropping temperatures" didn't stop these boys from wearing shorts.  *Insert eye roll emoji*

Real quick because I don't want to forget this: the original plan was for me to stay home with the girls.  We're normally okay with taking them but The Girl had a nasty cold earlier in the week and K2 doesn't care to go anyway and keeps a cough from October through April.  With the forecast, I didn't really want them out in the elements.  Anyway.  Cady stopped by Friday morning before school and offered to take the girls for the night so I could go to the game to.  Saturday, as we were getting ready to go, one of the boys said something like, "it was SUPPOSED to be a guy's day!" while giving me the side eye.

I informed them, "hey!  I've always been one of the boys!"

They both thought for a moment and J piped up with, "I know, you LOVE football!" K1 followed up with "you're a pretty cool mom!"


The Tigers made a big push to fill the stadium - Memphis was playing to clinch the AAC west - but the weather kept that from happening.  And meant we had GREAT seats.  We ended up getting seats on the 30 yard line, 8 rows back - chair backs! - for just $20!  For all four seats!  We paid five dollars a seat.  Ya just can't beat that.

The boys did have to "upgrade" at one point though!  ;)

Just before the half, Jon texted me to tell me that the Girl was throwing up and miserable.  So, unfortunately, we had to leave the game a little early.  I toyed around with the idea of staying with the boys and catching an Uber home but I really didn't like that idea given the impending weather (and the game did end up in a delay for a bit.)  The boys weren't happy about leaving but they were troopers -- and there's a good chance we promised them Memphis Grizzlies games sans girls in the future. 

Memphis ended up winning 66- I don't even remember, it was a high scoring game.  Arkansas lost, womp womp, they probably will next week as well and CAN WE JUST FIRE BRETT AND HIRE MIKE NORVELLE ALREADY?

We ended Saturday night with this . . .

This is only the second time in my adult life that I've decorated before Thanksgiving but I'm okay with it.  The house is festive and cozy and as J told me last night, "it just improves my mood!"

I'll do a full post on holiday decorating in the future but right now we're about 95% halls decked.

Sunday morning looked like this . . .

Hahahahahaha.  My crazy baby!

K1's team party was Sunday afternoon and I was not looking forward to it.  I offered to PAY Anthony to take him (Mark was out because the Bears were playing during the game), I just really did not want to go.  It ended up, of course, being a pretty great time.  It was at Garibaldi's so we had yummy Italian buffet.  They showed a highlight video and then gave each of the kids silly awards.  I knew as soon as they announced they were doing goofy trophies that K1 would be getting Something related to that boy and his dang shoestrings. 

The Shoeless K1 award . . . the boy could not keep his shoes tied!  It's funny because, growing up, my brother was the exact same way.  As my Grandad got older, his vision was really poor, he couldn't see much.  Yet as soon as Josh would walk through the door, Grandad would be yelling at him to, "TIE YOUR SHOES!"  His shoes were always untied.  It runs in the family.  ;)  There are worse people my K1 could take after!

We had such a fun season with these boys.  K1 was the oldest and not many on his team will be moving up to the higher league next year.  So he's very grateful he had this year to play with them and get to know them.  They worked SO WELL together as a team and it was such a fun and exciting season!
We wrapped up our weekend with more (NFL) football, getting more Christmas decorating done, and grilled chicken for dinner.  It was a great weekend!  The kiddos have two days of school this week (wahhhh . . . I wish we could be like Texas schools and exnay Fall Break and have off the whole week of Thanksgiving!), we have plans for a Tigers basketball game, I have a ton of cooking to do, and family will be in town Wednesday.  Bring it!

Friday, November 17, 2017


I thought I better get around to posting what's been going on with us before I get really behind!

Monday the 6th was the banquet for Cross Country.  They catered in Central BBQ, had the most delicious cake I've ever eaten in my life, and all the runners were awarded medals.  The medals have their name, PR, and if they were a state qualifier.  Pretty neat!  The Girl currently has her medal hanging from her bulletin board in our command center but she may be getting a medal holder for Christmas.  Kendra and I were just talking yesterday about how we don't have any or many of our awards from our school days . . . I'm hoping the kids can hang on to theirs better than I did!

The very next night, J and I headed out to Get Air for his team party.  Get Air is one of those trampoline places so, naturally, he had a blast. I ended up sitting with two of the gossipy mamas and found out all kinds of dirt.  Win-win for us!  Ha!

Last week was field trip week for the fifth graders (I seriously typed out fourth graders.  We're nearly done with the first semester and I still can't wrap my head around them being in their last year of elementary school!)  The Girl went on Monday and was decidedly less excited than J was about his on Thursday.  They went to a cemetery - they're studying the Yellow Fever epidemic in Memphis - and got to make gravestone rubbings.  J asked me if we could hang this in the living room . . .

Mark was in Minnesota until last night and, with the exception of having to pick K1 up from Intramural Club Monday afternoon, we have had NOTHING going on in the evenings.  It has been GLORIOUS.  I'm trying to soak it up now because I know baseball will be here before we know it.

Tuesday night we had "Home Alone Night," which means we watched Home Alone and ate a Kevin McAllister special - cheese pizza.  It's so simple and corny but, y'all, my kids LOVED it!  Next week will be CRAY with getting ready for Thanksgiving, family coming to town, etc, but I'm hoping we can do at least one Christmas movie - with a little themed dinner - every week.

We watched Home Alone 2 (my favorite!  Get down on your knees and tell me you love me!) Wednesday night.  The kids were both intrigued and grossed out to see Donald Trump make a cameo.  It also meant I was sending this to Mark:

Since you can see the tiniest bit of his very top text I'll just go ahead and let ya know he was sending me a dirty joke.  A total dad joke dirty joke but a dirty joke none the less.
This weekend is looking like Wonder with the fifth graders (I CANNOT WAIT, I CANNOT WAIT, I CANNOT WAIT!), a Memphis Tigers game for the boys - and possibly me if we can find a sitter for the girls (they aren't going because they've both had colds and I don't want them in the cold and rain), and K1's team party on Sunday.  Oh.  And decorating for Christmas!  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'm Decorating for Christmas THIS Weekend and I Don't Care What You Think!

We watched Home Alone last night.

We’ll decorate for Christmas this weekend. 

Holiday music is already playing in my house. 

And, yup, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. 

I love Thanksgiving, I love it more than Christmas. I love it just as much as Halloween and the Fourth of July. There was a time when I wouldn’t have DREAMED of decorating prior to the Saturday after Turkey Day. 

Then I got divorced. And had to split my “holiday time” with the kids between my ex-husband and myself.

I will only have them two weekends in December. Due to Christmas falling on a Monday and a later-than-normal release for holiday break, we only have the kids for four days over the break.  (Meanwhile, their other parents have them from the 25th/ 26th till January 7th!) 

Y'all, that sucks.  I'm the first one to tell you that I enjoy having split custody in that I treasure my weekends "off" parenting.  Until it's Christmastime.  I hate not having my kids with me through the entire season.  My three won't be with us for Thanksgiving this year and whenever I think of it I basically slap my hands over my ears and sing, "nah, nah, nah can't heeeear you."  Just.don'  Last Christmas morning was basically torture: my first ever without my children.  It hurt and it was awful.

And so, on the years like this one, when we only have them up until the 25th/ 26th, I'll decorate early.  And we'll start watching our favorite movies and listening to our favorite songs before Thanksgiving.  And I won't even feel bad about it.

I guess you could maybe, possibly say that this is a positive of divorce?  ;)