Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Box Full of Sunshine

One of my favorite people is going through a rough time right now so some girlfriends and I got together and sent her "a box full of sunshine . . .  because you're one tough cookie!"
I had so much fun putting the box together - and even more fun knowing that my friend really loved and appreciated it - that I thought I would share here.  I didn't get great pictures (they were mostly taken to show the other girls what I'd gotten!) but I can still give some fun ideas if you want to put together your own box of sunshine for someone who might need their day brightened a little.
First, I went for all things YELLOW.  Bright, happy, cheerful.  The exception in this was the pajamas because, well, I couldn't find any cute PJ's.  Instead, I went with a cute pair that were light and comfy and seemed perfect for summer.

Then I started adding YELLOW (and gold!)  I included:
- Face mask
- Bath bomb
- Chapstick (I'm a Burt's Bees whore)
- Four pack of Chardonnay (plastic bottles for mailing!)
- Bath puff
- Individual lemonade packets
- Body wash
- Lotion (Jergen's golden)
- Journal
- Fun gold pineapple sunglasses
- Snyder's pretzels
- Milk Duds
- Juicy Fruit gum
- Peanut M&M's
- Milky Way candy bars
- Yellow packaged cookies (one tough cookie!) -- Pecan Sandies, Fudge Sticks, Golden Oreos

I threw in some boredom busters too: word find, crossword puzzle, Sudoku, and an adult coloring book with colored pencils.  We also added a Target gift card.

I wrote "a box full of SUNSHINE cause you are one tough cookie!" on the box, sealed it up, and then away to the post office I went.

It was SUCH a fun box to put together and could be made for anyone going through a hard time . . . or even as a care package to someone far from home.  Who couldn't use a little sunshine?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


If you'd asked me mid-day Friday how my birthday was going, I would've told you:

Well, I went outside to lay out and as soon as I got settled, the sun disappeared and it started thundering. And then I got stung by a wasp. 
Yeah. So the birthday started a little rocky. Actually and technically it started great because as soon as I opened my bedroom door I saw gifts waiting for me. But things went downhill from there. And at one point I can remember thinking, no one cares about your birthday but you and your mama. (And your boyfriend if you're lucky.)

Things got MUCH better though and I ended up having a great birthday weekend!  We just won't talk about the first 14 hours or so of the actual birthday.  ;)

Since my birthday fell on a Friday, we decided to have a cookout that night and invite a few friends over.  It rained most of the afternoon but fortunately stopped by the time Mark lit the grill.  We were able to sit outside and visit and the kiddos even got in the pool 
We usually buy cakes at the Sam's closest to our house.  The cakes are delish and a great price but the customer service is the worst.  Hence Mark writing the "Happy Birthday" on my cake. 

I was having so much fun that I only took TWO pictures.  That never happens!
She looked so goofy with her hair tucked into her goggles that I had to snap this one.

The party wound down and everyone headed home around 10:30.  Never mind that 15-ish years ago, that would've been when we were getting ready to START the party. 

When Dennis and Linda showed up they handed me a gift bag and said, "don't open in front of the kids!"
We kept the celebrating going on the next day.  My kiddos went with their dad after K1's baseball game Saturday morning and the Girlchild went off to spend the day with Jason and Kendra.  And so Mark and I spent the afternoon . . . NAPPING.  I was so glorious, you don't even know.  The last couple weeks of school have kicked our butts and while I probably should've been cleaning or catching up on laundry or something, sleep won out.

After that, we headed to Happy Mexican for margaritas and a little birthday celebration, just the two of us.

We had a great dinner and the weather was perfect for patio-sitting.  And there was some added drama as well.  There was a large group seated when we got there - they were loud and obnoxious the entire dinner.  I'm taking, filthy language and one guy harassed every single woman of color who walked by.  When their bill came, they refused to pay the 18% gratuity . . . you know, the one that's standard for large groups and pretty much every restaurant everywhere.  The police ended up being called and it was just . . . ugh.  So Memphis.  So gross.  We spoke to the manager and an officer when we were leaving, letting them know whatever gratuity was charged wasn't enough because of how awful the group was.
After dinner and that little show, we went over to Russell and Kathy's for a while.  We hung out with them for a bit before heading home . . . again by 10:30.  Yes, even though we napped all day!
On Sunday, we worked.  The Girlchild and I went shopping in the morning to get things for the kids' Last Day Luau on Friday.  When we got home, Mark and I painted a table and then our back deck.  We took a break for a dip in the pool then did some yard work. 
Pretty fun weekend!  Then yesterday kicked off . . . LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!  I'm so ready to not have the nightly bedtime fight (but I'm not tired! Just one more drink!) I'm so ready to not have to mess with mornings.  I'm so ready not to be up at the school EVERY DAMN DAY.  I'm so ready for baseball to be over (last night!)  I'm just ready for the break.  Bring it!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Things

1) The end of the school year always kind of kicks my butt.  There's just SO MUCH going on.  And even though we basically have our morning routine down to a science, getting the kids up the past few days has been a chore.  I keep reminding them, "eight more mornings, seven more mornings" and, let's be real, that countdown is as much for me as them!

2) Yesterday was the international food fest for the fourth graders.  Um, I will volunteer for this every single year.  THERE WERE TAMALES!  It was seriously some good, good food.  My favorites (other than the tamales) being the packzi, beignets, and a Pakistani dish that like a mini fried veggie pie?  I don't know how to describe it but it was really good.

Since I had two fourth graders - and two different cultures - I made Guatemalan rice for the Girl Child and German potato salad for J.  The rice was a huge hit . . . the potato salad, not so much.  Though I did have one teacher ask me for the recipe!

3) Today is FIELD DAY!  At the kids' old school, field "day" consisted of 45 minutes of activities.  All the eye rolls.  They're super pumped to have a half day this year -- and it's only a half day because of construction going on.  Next year will be back to a full day event.

4) Hands down, my favorite thing about Mother's Day is things like this:

I will keep this forever so that I can always remember - back in 2017 - my girl wouldn't trade me for a "neglis" (necklace.)

5) I got a wild hair during K1's birthday party - when it was too chilly to get in the pool - and decided to let the kids have a "Last Day Luau," a swim party on the last day of school.  I sat there yesterday filling out invitations and got a bit of a panicky feeling -- I'm letting the older kids invite five friends each plus we'll invite the neighbor kids and Kendra and Cady's girls.  What have I gotten myself into?!?  Hopefully  just a whole lot of fun!

6) Saw this cute bathing suit on the Wish app a few weeks ago and could not resist.

I mean, isn't that the cutest?  It came with the headband.  I think I paid $1.80 with $3 shipping. 

7) Addiction Alert: if you are addicted to Boom Chicka Pop, Sam's currently has the big bags at buy one get one free.  So you get two HUGE bags for just $6!  We go through that stuff like woah in this house.

8) The girls came over the other day and we laid out and did a little bit of day drinking (with no day buzz to accompany) and . . . I got my first sunburn of the season.  As did Cady and Kendra.  The good news in this as that I didn't break out.  The bad news is that my back felt like it was on FIRE.  I also told Mark that I don't peel so, of course, that means I'll end up peeling.

9) Tomorrow is my birthday.  I feel like it completely snuck up on me this year! 

10) This, this, this, this, thisssssssssssssssssss.