Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Tuna Christmas and a Dirty Girlscout

I love plays and musicals and the theatre.  LOVE.  Want to get me something for Christmas?  How about tickets to Wicked with a The Book of Mormon chaser?  Please and thank you.

Because I have kids, I hardly ever get to go these kind of events.  As in it's been a good three years since I last saw anything on a stage other than an elementary school awards ceremony.  However.  Saturday night I went to see A Tuna Christmas at the Circuit Playhouse in midtown  Memphis.  I LOVED IT.

The play is done entirely by only two men -- even though they play more than 20 characters of all ages and both genders.  I Googled the play before I went and wasn't sure how exactly they would pull it off.  But pull it off they did -- and pretty amazingly too.  Maybe it doesn't take much to impress me but I was blown away with how they remembered the little details even though at times they only had 15 or so seconds to change character. 

The play is set in the tiny town of Tuna, Texas (alliteration for the win!) and is a satirical take on small town southern life at Christmastime .  I think it would be enjoyable for anyone, regardless of where from, but as someone who grew up in a small southern town it was just . . . spot on in so many ways.  The play was no A Christmas Carol.  It was just fun and funny and I would totally, completely, 100%-edly go see it again.  If you get a chance, if it comes to your city, check out A Tuna Christmas.

After the play, my friend and I wandered down to the Side Street Grill for a late dinner and drinks.

Total side note here: I've been hanging out in midtown a lot lately and every time I head back to where I live in the 'burbs, I feel so disenfranchised.  Midtown is the true heart of Memphis with all it's arts and culture and bars and non-chain restaurants. 

Ah, yes, the food.  And drinks!

Side Street Grill had a pretty extensive martini menu.  I started with the Tikitini (I THINK that's what it was called -- they don't have a menu online.)  I ordered a small and it was the tiniest, cutest little martini I'd ever seen.  It was also super good and seeing as it was super tiny, it was gone in no time.  For my next round, I ordered the Cootertini because, well, COOTER.  I went for the large with this one so OF COURSE it wasn't quite as good!  It was heavy on the raspberry flavor and I'm not the biggest fan ever of raspberry.  This, people, is why you pay attention to what goes into the drink rather than just ordering it because hahaha it has cooter in it's name.  My final choice was a Dirty Girl Scout martini and sweet baby Jesus was that thing good!  It tasted like a liquid thin mint.  The perfect dessert martini and the perfect one to end things with. 

My friend and I split four appetizers.  We tried the jerk chicken kabobs, flat bread pizza, bacon-wrapped shrimp, and buffalo chicken eggrolls.  Everything was just so good.  The jerk chicken is a local favorite and I can definitely see why.  The bacon wrapped shrimp and buffalo chicken eggrolls were both really, really good.  The highlight, though, was the flat bread.  I kinda gave my friend the stank eye when it was ordered.  Because, really, all the delicious app options and pizza?  But I'm so glad we ordered it because it was AMAZING.  The sauce was just right and the toppings were amazing and I was just sad that I waited until last to try it because I really wanted to be able to eat more but I was just.too.full.

I'll definitely be going back to Side Street Grill.  Mainly because I have to knock more martinis off my list!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Magic Sparkles

When I first found out my third pregnancy was a girl, everyone - EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD - told me the same thing.  "Girls are so much easier!" they said.

I was looking forward to this because, yeah, the two brothers who proceeded her were anything but easy.  Plus, I mean, she was a girl.  Hairbows!  Barbies!  Pink!  (Gender stereotyping since 2010 up in heeeere.)

Y'all.  "They" - EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD - were wrong.  So wrong.  So, so wrong. 

This girl, my girl, she is not easy.  At all.  And we're all hairbows! Barbies! Pink! She refers to herself - and anything princess - as "Magic Sparkles."  She's delightfully funBut she is not an easy child.

For example:

Her school picture:

This picture is precious, right?  She's smiling and her outfit is cute.  And, let's face it, that's just a gorgeous kid. 

But if you look closer you'll notice her fingernails.

Let me re-cap the day pictures were taken. 

I had a super, super busy day.  Super busy.  I was going to drop the boys off at school, deliver Karis to her school, and then I had two job interviews.  I was rushed and stressed that morning.  I was packing lunches and realized I hadn't heard from K2 in a minute.  I went looking for her and found her . . . in the bathroom.  PAINTING HER NAILS.  She'd done this a time or two in the past and did a not bad job one time and a horrible job the other.  This time though?  On the morning that I was OMGSOSTRESSED and OMGSOBUSY?  The previous horrible job looked better.  Their was polish all over her fingers and the toes on one foot.  Oh, and on her forehead too.  I had about *that* much polish remover left.  Seriously, just enough to remove the polish from her forehead and kinda sorta get her nails looking a little better.

When I saw her picture the other day, I just had to laugh when I noticed the pink on her nails.  If nothing else, it's a memory.  Maybe one of these days she'll have a "sooooo not an easy child" daughter that we can show this picture to and share the story with.

Now let's talk clothes.

This girl is very opinionated about her clothing and it's led to many an epic battle in our house.  Choose your battles means sometimes she ends up going out like this:

At least she's happy?  I guess?  And at least her coat covered that tacky stained t-shirt that's at least two sizes too small.

And, finally, let's talk Santa.

K2 does not like strangers or men so I figured it would be . . . an adventure. 

I did not figure, however, that she would KICK SANTA.  MY DAUGHTER KICKED SANTA CLAUS.  I'm pretty sure it was an accident. I hope it was an accident.  But.  MY.KID.KICKED.SANTA.
And refused to sit in his lap.
And took a candy cane anyway.

Oh, Magic Sparkles. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's the Most Important Meal of the Day: Brother Juniper's

I love breakfast.

Who doesn't, right? So many options and, technically, it's a-ok to eat breakfast food any time of the day. And, come on, WAFFLES? Who doesn't like waffles?

So there's a place in Memphis that's kind if an institution around these parts. Brother Juniper's is open exclusively for breakfast and it's locally famous (and has also been featured by Rachael Ray!) A friend and I ate there a couple weeks ago. And y'all? The food was SO AMAAAAZE. I HAD to write about it.

Before we get to the food, though, let's discuss ambience. The restaurant is in a house that's probably close to 100 years old. If you order coffee or hot chocolate, it'll be served in a mug that has "Wolfchase Galleria" or a John Deere tractor or something else random printed on it. No two mugs seemed to be the same and I totally dug it. Just gave it a more personal and homey feel.

I couldn't decide what to order (so many selections!) and the waitress recommended an open face omelet. I went with the "Off the Border" and my friend chose the Mama's Special (I think! Can't remember the name and it's not on the website). I subbed in home fries rather than cheese grits and chose a biscuit over toast.

This omelet. THIS OMELET. I took one bite and was all, "dat omelet, though!" It was salsa and this ahhhhmaze chorizo and a ton of cheese and, y'all? I'd marry it tomorrow. I would. It was a huge portion. I could only eat half and even then felt like I was going to pop. My friend's omelet was topped with salsa, portobellos, and ... smoked salmon. So. I don't really think of salmon or any fish as belonging on an omelet or even in breakfast at all. Kinda sorta put on my judgey face when it was ordered. But I did a little taste test and that salmon? Holy shizz! Seriously rethinking my stance on fish for breakfast. The home fries were so good too! Fried to perfection and seasoned just right. And the biscuit? Think of something your grandma would make ...

We made it to the restaurant before 8:00 on a Saturday and were able to easily find parking and were seated immediately. By the time we left, several people were waiting for a seat. Arriving early is key! But, really, the food would be worth any kind of wait.

Long story short: In Memphis and want breakfast? Brother Juniper's for the win!