Friday, July 25, 2014

Flying Fish

Apparently they have Flying Fish locations in Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas, all places where I've lived.  Yet, this past weekend was the first time I had ever eaten at one.  Foodie Fail.

I love seafood and I had heard really good things about Flying Fish.  My friend and I decided to eat there before the Redbirds game over the weekend.

For starters, the place gives off a total dive-ish vibe.  I love dives!  You stand in line and go to the counter to order.  You can pick your bottled beer from coolers right by the register.  I'm kind of torn on how I feel about this.  Since it was my first time, I kinda sorta would've liked being able to sit down and pour over the menu while waiting on a waiter to take our order.  No big deal, though, not really.

I waffled back and forth on what to get.  I thought about the fish tacos but knew I would want them grilled and, really, who goes into a seafood place and doesn't order any manner of all things fried?  I also thought about the crawfish po' boy but, I mean, it was Memphis and not New Orleans and I was afraid I'd leave disappointed and slightly heartbroken over a mediocre po' boy.  In the end, I chose to play it safe and went with the six jumbo shrimp.

Don't play it safe, people.

I mean, it's not that the food was bad or anything. It was downtown Memphis -- you'd be pressed to actually find BAD food.  It just . . . it wasn't, like, the best shrimp I've ever had in all my life.  The fries, however, were surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because when I first looked at my plate I thought they resembled frozen french fries I could make at home on my own time and for a fraction of the price.

My biggest complaint is that there was no ketchup on the table.  Look, if you're going to run a restaurant in the south that specializes in all things fried AND you're not going to employ an actual wait staff then you PUT KETCHUP ON THE TABLE.  This is Tennessee for crying out loud.  We like our ketchup on our fried shit, ya dig?

All in all, I wasn't overly impressed with Flying Fish.  However, I WOULD give it another try.  I would definitely order something different (probably that crawfish po' boy.)  My friend had the red snapper and said it was very good and the red beans and rice just made the meal.  So I'm going to err on the side of the fact that I just ordered the wrong thing.  Here's hoping the next visit will be more of a "so THAT is why everyone is crazy about this place" type of thing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The kids and I loaded up Thursday afternoon and drove the five hours to my friend Brittney's house in southern Indiana. 

Thursday evening, we went to watch the fireworks at the town's riverfront. 

The kids loved it because, you know, it was fireworks and they're kids and kids and fireworks go together like ... kids and fireworks. 

Friday was all about 'Merica! Hell yeah!

The kids swam and played outside while Britt and I prepared food and drinks. 


I posted this to Instagram but I'm going to post it here too. This "Strip and Go Naked" stuff is SO GOOD. I have got to go on a diet/ no alcohol for a while but, if I wasn't, this would be my go-to drink for weekends the remainder of the summer. 

(P.S. I used six beers instead of four)
(P.P.S. Red solo cup because 'Merica!)

I even made Jell-O "shots" for the kids. Best Mom ever! 

We capped the night by watching what fireworks we could see from the front yard and, of course, sparklers! 

 Sparklers make me nervous as shit but, I mean, my oldest child is seven so we've made it seven years without anyone burning a finger off.  For the record, I'm never the one to light them.  I hate to even hold them.  Pansy.
Brittney had to work Saturday so the kids and I decided to check out the town's riverfront. It was so fun! 

There was a playground and spray park and we could watch the boats cruising along the Ohio River.  I want a boat.  And a tube to pull behind it.  And a jet ski.  

We also checked out an ice cream shop with all handmade flavors (two red velvet, raspberry, and salted caramel for me and my crew.) Soooo yummy!

That evening, we had dinner at the tavern Brittney's family owns and runs. We ordered ALL THE FRIED THINGS and it was delicious!

Seriously. ALL the fried things. Chicken wings, jalapeƱo poppers, cheese balls, fried mushrooms, cauliflower poppers, mini corn dogs, onion rings, potato wedges. Yum-may! And perfect way to end a pretty damn good day. 

Thanks for having us Britt!  We had a blast!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gone Coastal

I thought I'd write a little more about our trip.  And, ya know, share a few more pictures.
For starters, on our way to Georgia, we saw a man who was either drunk or mentally ill (or both) run out -- dancing and singing - in traffic in Birmingham.  Before 8:00 in the morning.  Yeah.  We also saw a prostitute being dropped off in the middle of the road in Memphis, more roadkill than I've ever seen in my life - and I'm from Arkansas! - in Mississippi, and a couple dudes peeing on the side of the road in Georgia.  And when I say "peeing on the side of the road," I mean they CLIMBED UP A HILL to relieve themselves so everyone could see them and exactly what they were doing.  Winning.
We spent most of our time at the beach (duh), four days at Tybee Island and two at Hilton Head.  We always go to Folly Field Beach on Hilton Head and it is, hands down, one of my very favorite US beaches.  I love it.  When we were there last October, we drove through a ton of construction to get to Hilton Head but this year -- pretty much none at all.  Awesome.  Made going to HH even more worthwhile. 
We saw dolphins at Tybee!  They were pretty close both times -- the second time very, very close.  Love seeing dolphins.

My boys got their first ever (very light) sunburns.  We put sunblock on them but I guess the sun was just that intense.  K2 and I also got a little burned and one day I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet.  Holy painful mistake, Batman!  Luckily -- other than my feet -- I didn't burn very badly at all and now I'm nice and brown.  As are my children.
I usually travel through Mississippi and Alabama to get to the Georgia coast.  There is SO MUCH CONSTRUCTION around the Birmingham area, though, that I decided to take a different route home.  I went through north Georgia, into Chattanooga, and then through middle Tennessee to get home.  It took a little longer but there was no construction and it's a very scenic drive (I'd never been in the Chatt area prior to last Tuesday!) The weather, though, was awful.  There were times when I was going 35 down the interstate with my flashers on because the rain was coming down that hard.  In the mountains.  In an unfamiliar area.  Totally fun stuff, y'all!

 Speaking of the ride home -- I was on I-75 in downtown Atlanta, in the middle of like seven lanes of traffic.  (Total side note but I'm convinced that no matter when you are in ATL, the traffic is worse than rush hour in Memphis.  On a Friday afternoon.  Of a holiday weekend.  Hashtag real talk).  A little voice comes from the back seat, "I think I'm going to be sick."  I passed a bag back but it didn't matter.  Puke all over my kid and all over my car.  Traveling alone with your kids is fun until it isn't.
Worth it for the beachin' though!