Monday, October 6, 2014

It's the OKTOBERFEST Time of Year

Saturday morning I received a text from a friend. He had an extra ticket to Oktoberfest at High Cotton Brewing Company and did I want to go? He also threw out phrases like "free t-shirt and beer stein" and "all you can eat and drink." Wait, what? All you can eat? I AM SO THERE, BRO. Don't even have to ask twice.

So we headed downtown where a section of Monroe was roped off. He'd purchased VIP tickets which meant various goodies for us and, of course, that whole unlimited beer and food. They had several varieties of beer on tap and I tried the seasonal, czar (totally by accident and, ugh, I need a barfing emoji because NOT GOOD), and Pilsner. The seasonal was, hands down, the best. Good stuff, my friends. 

The food was also pretty damn good. Brats and slaw. German potato salad. Mmmm. Good stuff. We also "snacked" on smoked ham and soft cheeses later in the afternoon. Y'all. That cheese! I'm going to have dreams about it. I could write love sonnets to it.  Need I go on?

They had these chicks ^^ doing stuff with fire.  A man on stilts.  A kilt or two.  SO MUCH LEIDERHAUSEN (Jacked the spelling, don't even care.). All the hipsters in Memphis.  It was THE BEST in terms of people watching.  We had too much fun.  The festival as a whole was slightly (putting it mildly!) unorganized.  It took us several minutes to get our e-tickets scanned then we weren't given our wrist bands or tokens to get our free shirts.  All in all, though, it was a really fun time.  And we did eventually get those free t-shirts and they were SO SOFT and might just be my favorite t-shirt yet . . .

All in all . . . a damn good time.

(Other weekend highlights: I got carded to see an R-rated movie, Alabama lost, A&M lost (I hate you, Kenny Hill), LSU lost, Katy Perry was on College Game Day and threw corn dogs into the crowd, I explained the corn dog relevance (wish I could find the original post; totally cannot) to at least two people. Both people with penises. I'm a chick who knows more about college football rivalries than they do. Priceless.)