Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kooky Canuck

There is a Kooky Canuck in downtown Memphis and I've always wanted to try it, never made it. They recently-ish opened one in Cordova though and SCORE! Closer to me and I don't have to pay for parking.

Kendra and I met at the Cordova location for lunch one Friday. 

I ordered a beer because I'm Brandi and that's what I do. Even if it is only lunch. The waitress asked me small or large. Duh. Large. 


That was one huge ass beer, for real. Best part though? When I got my bill, it was only $6.50. For that much beer! Awesome! And apparently they have a Happy Hour where those huge ass beers are half price as well. 

We had our daughters with us and I was a little taken aback at the kids menu prices ($6.50 for Kraft macaroni? No.) But the waitress assured me that K and I would be able to share a meal with no problem. (And, for what it's worth -- I would've ordered her a kids meal if she would've eaten anything other than mac and cheese.)

I ordered the Delta burger, described as being topped with pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes.

You guysssss. 

This burger. 


I've been working my way through trying all the burgers on Huey's menu. I LOVE Huey's and think they just might have the best burger in Memphis (still have to hit up Dyer's though!) But this Kooky Canuck burger gave Huey's a run for its money. 

I mean, pimento cheese AND fried green tomatoes? I never would've thought of doing that but it was absolutely delicious. The pimento cheese was very good as were the fried green tomatoes. I ordered the burger medium well and it was cooked perfectly.  And definitely big enough that Karis and I could share -- though she chose to go crazy on the fries. 

My friend has a bleu cheese burger and thought it was good though a little too juicy. Too juicy? A burger? No such thing!

I'll definitely be back to Kooky Canuck and maybe next time I'll try one of their Canadian beers ... 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Not Jealous of Your Flowers. They Just Represent Another Living Thing I'd Have to Care For.

Several, several years ago I was going through my first Valentine's Day post break-up from a long term boyfriend.  It was the first V-Day to be single in, like, five years.  So my roommate and her boyfriend bought me a card and some flowers.  It was a very sweet gesture, something I definitely appreciated.  But, at the same time, I was kinda like "why?"  Maybe it's because I've never been a big Valentine's Day person (though, no lie, I LOVE the kid part of it all.  LOVE IT) or I'm not all that romantic (my idea of a sweet card would say something like "thanks for letting me touch your butt") but I've just never, ever been one of those "OMG IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY AND I DON'T HAVE A VALENTINE AND I'M GONNA DIE SINGLE AND ALONE AND I MIGHT AS WELL GO OUT RIGHT NOW AND BUY EIGHT CATS."  That's not me, that's not who I am.

This is my second Valentine's since my marriage ended.  Last year I was very #singlepride and all about buying my OWN wine and my OWN chocolate and having a threesome with some Riesling and a cupcake. 

Really, that doesn't sound so bad for this year either.

Anyway, since Valentine's is right upon us, I thought I'd churn out a little post on . . . love.  Or maybe just like.  Relationships.  Yeah, that. Relationships. 

I've mentioned before that I started dating fairly soon after my ex and I decided to split.  Dating.  Not sleeping around. Not next-husband shopping.  Just dating.  Gaining my confidence back.  Having fun.  Meeting new people  I had no desire to even think about another relationship for at least a year. 

I don't think I'll ever get married again (and that is so not a "famous last words" statement) but I am at the point that I could maybe, possibly see myself in a relationship again.  I'm not going to run out and adopt those eight cats if it doesn't happen for me any time soon and I'm not actively Tindering for a relationship but if it happens, it happens.

You learn two things from a failed marriage: what you absolutely cannot live with and what you absolutely cannot live without.  Therefore I know . . . or I think I have an idea . . . of what I would look for in a partner.

Truth is, even more than Nicholas Sparks, Brad Paisley has raised the bar for men in relationships.  Check out some of his lyrics:

And she's everything I ever wanted; everything I need
I talk about her; I go on and on and on

She destroys me in that t-shirt; And I love her so much it hurts

Now you're my whole life; now you're my whole world
I just can't believe the way I feel about you,girl
Like a river meets the sea; stronger than it's ever been
We've come so far since that day
And I thought I loved you then

Now every night I thank the Lord I found you,
And every time I put my arms around you
I feel like the frame that gets to hold the Mona Lisa
And I don't care if that's all I ever do

When she's laying on my shoulder on the sofa in the dark
And about the time she falls asleep so does my right arm
And I want so bad to move it 'cause it's tingly and it's numb
But she looks so much like an angel I don't want to wake her up

When you don't feel important, honey, all I got to say
Is to the world you may be just another girl
But to me, baby, you are the world

I mean, COME ON men of the world, Brad Paisley could get laid twice a day and four times on Sunday FOR THE REMAINDER OF HIS LIFE just for song lyrics like those.  WOMEN WANT A COUNTRY MUSIC LOVE SONG.

Really, though, as I get older and life throws a curve ball or two, I've learned that anyone say nice and pretty things but real life isn't a song or a book. It's harder and more complicated and The Notebook is just as likely to happen as hitting the lottery. I've learned more about what's really important when it comes to finding someone.


Finding a person who wants you more than they need you.
Learning that looks fade but a beautiful soul will likely always stay that way.
It's okay to be approaching middle age (or any age!) and refusing to settle for anyone less than someone who is absolutely crazy about you.
It's okay to be approaching middle age (or any age!) and refusing to settle for anyone less than someone you are absolutely crazy about.
Nice is important.  Funny is important.  Common values are extremely important.  But so is chemistry.  You can't fake chemistry and you can't make it happen if it's not there. 
If someone doesn't recycle, they're probably not worth dating.

And I've also learned that if it never happens, that's okay. Life doesn't or shouldn't hinge on a relationship. It's happiness and friendship and living. Loving yourself. Being happy where you are. Even if "where you are" is spending Valentine's Day with those eight cats ...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Full disclosure before I even get started on this post: Flight isn't my normal kind of place and just walking in there made me feel like one classy bitch (and only the classiest of classy bitches use terms like "classy bitch.")

Flight serves just that: flights of wine, flights of whatever food you desire, flights of dessert. It's a little on the fancy dressed side of things and my friend and I were probably slightly underdressed in jeans and sweaters. 

We started off with an order of deviled eggs. Are deviled eggs trendy now or something? Who knows, who cares: I love them. I love the good Christian woman deviled eggs you find at church picnics and family reunions. And I would MARRY the deviled eggs they serve at flight. These were topped with a FRIED OYSTER and this bacon marmalade stuff and they were heavenly and there were Angels singing and I fell in love. We're getting married Saturday.  Valentine's and all that. 

We also tried out the colossal shrimp which were good just no way, no how even close to be comparable to those eggs.

For our entrée, we went with the "Big Bad Cab" flight which was a selection of three different types of steak.  There was a boursin stuffed filet served with mashed potatoes, an elk chop that came with truffle macaroni, and a cut of bison served with mushroom ravioli.  Surprisingly, the bison was easily my favorite meat on the flight.  It was juicy and delicious and . . . just right.  I've eaten elk before but wasn't crazy about the chop.  Perhaps it was a little too gamey for me, I'm not sure, but it wasn't my favorite.  The stuffed filet was delicious.  However.  The best thing on the entire flight was not a cut of meat.  Oh no.  It was that truffle mac and cheese!  No big surprise there, I suppose, coming from the Queen of Carbs.  I could've eaten an entire tub of that stuff. 

We decided to go with dessert (because, you know, I'm trying to lose weight and all) and went with the "southern" flight as well as a serving of crème brulee (diet!)  The flight included a chocolate pecan cake, a pineapple cake, and a bananas foster bread pudding.  Everything was super delicious but that bread pudding was possibly one of the best things I've put in my mouth ever.  EVER.  We were so full by this point but just could.not.stop. eating that bread pudding.  It alone is worth the trip to Flight.

I've been very lucky the past few weeks in that every restaurant I've gone to has had exceptional service and Flight was no different.  We sat at the bar and were tended to by at least three different bartenders.  One of the guys was quite the conversationalist (this led to him telling us he couldn't do something because he was "already 23."  Hahahahahaha *can't breathe* hahahahaha) and even stopped to say hello and wish us a good night when he saw us later on the street.  There was a female bartender who seemed a little standoffish and not as friendly as the others but she was still professional, efficient, and really gave us nothing to complain about. 

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC experience and I'd love to go back.

Bonus!  They offer complimentary valet parking (which you gotta love if you you're like me and hate parking downtown because you shouldn't have to pay to park your ride!) every night of the week.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Boiling Point

I received a text Saturday afternoon . . . "How do you feel about driving out to Southaven for a crawfish dinner at the Boiling Point?"  Um, HELLO!  Yeeeeeah!

It's not crawfish season yet but the Boiling Point is already serving them and it was well worth the drive out to Southaven, Miss, for some mudbugs (and other delicious things.)

There were five of us and we split nine pounds of crawfish with the fixings (sausage, corn, potatoes), gator bites, catfish eggrolls, chargrilled oysters, and a couple buckets of Miller Lite.  It was a feast and a delicious one.  And I'm pretty sure we quite literally rolled out of the restaurant.

Let's talk the crawfish first -- a New Orleans native went along with us and she told us, "if it makes your nose run, then it's done right."  Well, that crawfish was most definitely done right.  The spice and flavor was ON POINT.  The crawfish themselves were a little small which was slightly annoying (I mean, it's just so much work to get to the meat anyway and then you only get a tiny amount of meat) but still the flavor was super good.

The gator bites were as good as any I've ever had in New Orleans and the sauce that came along with them was BOMB.  The oysters were good as well though not quite New Orleans good.  They offered chipotle, barbecue, and garlic parmesan.  Surprisingly, the barbecue was my favorite (it was smothered in bacon) and I didn't love the chipotle -- I was sure that one would be my favorite.  The catfish eggrolls were . . . interesting.  Catfish and coleslaw rolled up and deep fried.  They were served with a spicy sauce that, no lie, I would've guzzled in a glass all by itself.

The food was absolutely delicious and the service was some of the best I've received in the Memphis area, hands down.  Our waiter talked to us like we were old friends, gave recommendations, and was just an amazing server.  The owner (or possibly manager?) made it a point to come by our table at least twice, the last time talking to us for several minutes and letting us know the next time we come in, our first round of beer would be on him.  Seriously awesome service all around.

Any sort of seafood generally gets a bad rap in the Memphis area because it all has to be shipped in.  The manager told us the crawfish was harvested by a farm in Louisiana and brought in fresh every day.  But this seafood was easily best I've had in this area.  It was very good and given the amazing service, it's definitely worth the drive out to Southaven to indulge every once in a while.