Friday, September 4, 2015

Saturday Down South


Let me say it again.  COLLEGE FOOTBALL STARTS THIS WEEKEND!  (Technically it started last night but Saturday football is the best football.)  Forget Christmas.  This is the most wonderful time of year.  I'm going to be obnoxious for the next few months and if my team does well then I'm going to be even MORE obnoxious.  Sorry not sorry. 

In light of it being THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR and COLLEGE FOOTBALL STARTING THIS WEEKEND (see?  Obnoxious), I thought I'd share a few things and a few memes (some memes have nothing to do with anything I'm talking about.  They're just funny as hell and quite politically incorrect.)  Here we go . . .
1) As you may or may not know, my team has had a rough few years.  It's all Bobby Petrino's fault (and more on Bobby P. in a moment.)  We now have us an amazing coach and I expect a MUCH better season.  We're starting the season ranked at 18.  I'm going to say it now: if this isn't our year then next year certainly will be.  Barring any motorcycle rides with blondes, of course.

2) My boyfriend was raised in Big 10 country and since we all know that's not real football, he's more of an NFL fan.  And by "more of an NFL fan," I mean that his brother told me last month that I'd better be on board with being a Bears fan if the relationship was going to last.  Anyway, he now lives in SEC country and, unfortunately, an Auburn fan got to him before I did so he claims them as his SEC team.  Of course, we're going to have to do something about that and at least it's not Alabama, right?  Gus Malzahn is the head coach at Auburn and he's an Arkansas boy so I can get behind me some WAR DAMN EAGLE every once in a while.  Still.  We're going to begin the "conversion process" this weekend.  I'm gonna make the man a Razorback!

3) Guess who Auburn plays this weekend?  Louisville.  Louisville is now coached by assface Bobby Petrino so you best believe it'll be a WAR DAMN EAGLE for this game!

4) Any good Arkansas fan, knows that you have to hate Texas.  It's in our blood.  I hope they lose every game they play . . . unless they happen to play Ohio State or USC.

5) If I see a bad driver in Memphis, I know to expect a "Roll Tide" sticker on the back of their car.

6) I hate Bama almost as much as UT but at least they have the good fortune of being in the SEC.  HOWEVER.  I'm still pissed that I actually cheered for them last year against Ohio State and they went and lost.

7) This right here is one of the greatest moments in all of college football.  My oldest child STILL talks about this:
I watched this going, "what the?  What?  Oh my . . . !  What?  Can he?  OH MY GOOOOOOOOSH!"

8) My children know that Saturdays from September through December are devoted to college football . . . ESPN Gameday then the 11:00 game and so forth, so on.  I don't know what I'm going to do when my boys start football on Saturday mornings and I can't watch Kirk and Corso and the gang!  Wahhhhh!

9)  I wish I could find a better quality video but . . . OH LORD IT'S HARD TO BE HUMBLE WHEN YOU'RE AN ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS FAN!

Hello college football season and GO HOGS!