Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Favorite

On Saturday, Mark and I celebrated the third anniversary of our first date.  People say "can you believe it's been ___ years?" And, in my case, YES!  Yes I can believe!  Because I can't imagine him not in my life.  In my case, it's more of an "it's ONLY been three years?!?"  I wish I had met him at 24 rather than 34 but I'm just glad he came into my life at all.  Plus, if we had met at 24 we would've had children together and I can't even BEGIN to imagine what sarcastic a-holes they would've been!

This life we live is crazy and hectic and, I mean, we're parenting preteens with their attitudes and eye rolls and death stares and thinking we're the most embarrassing people on earth.  It ain't for the faint of heart.  And I'm so lucky I have him with me as we go through these particular trenches.  He's the calm to my fire, my patience when I have none left.  Life isn't just crazy and hectic, though -- it's also a lot of fun and a lot of love and I'm so glad he's the one I'm doing it with! 

I never thought I could love someone they way I love him.  I never thought I could BE loved the way he loves me.  I never really thought there was someone out there who was honestly perfect for me.  Three years later, I know better.  I know this depth of love.  I know what it's like to let go and love and trust completely.  I know this is what they sing about and write about (even if those songs and books leave out things like annoyance over papers strewn all over the kitchen counters or passive aggressively cleaning your side of the bathroom counter when you're irritated with your other half!)  I would wait yet another 34 years to be able to find this kind of love. 

I'm so glad I went to Doc's on that night of December 9, 2014 . . .

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

We Have Another 11-Year-Old in the House!

Today is The Girl's 11th birthday!

Rather than telling you eleven facts about her - something she would absolutely hate! - I’m just going to tell you a few and then get on discussing a weekend that was all about her!

She is very artistic. She would wear shorts 365 days a year if we’d let her. She can’t save money for anything, friends are life for her these days, and shopping is her favorite. 

For her party this year, she invited five friends (one of missing from this pic) to SkyZone. I kinda hate place parties but, I have to admit, it was so nice not having to frantically clean and decorate on Friday! The party coordinator was awesome, so friendly and fun. I would definitely recommend SkyZone for a party!

Last birthday was the Year of the Shopkins. This time around it’s the Year of the Squenchies. Or whatever those things are called ... they’re basically like the stress balls of yesteryear only in the shape of things like french fries and cupcakes that you squeeze then they slowly come back to their full shape.  She got lots of those as well as gift cards and cold hard cash. 

After the party, she and Mark went to get started on spending her birthday cash. When they got back, Mark lit our first fire of the season. We had the best night just watching movies with a break for the Heisman trophy presentation. We initially planned on a Christmas movie marathon but after Christmas Vacation found that Comedy Central had a Chris Farley and Adam Sandler marathon. Hello!

Sunday was football and cleaning. That night we went to BDubs for an early birthday dinner. Mark is out of town tonight and J has orchestra concert so we celebrated this birthday tradition just a little bit early. 

Today I’ll have lunch with her at school and tonight we’ll do whatever 11-Year-old wants to do on her birthday: venture to her stepbrother’s orchestra concert. Ha!

Happy Birthday Girlchild!!!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Bah Humbug!

Last week sucked.  Mark was in Alabama so I was flying solo. It was my finals week.  And the kids were just . . . well, frankly two of them were awful human beings, one was a semi-awful human being, and the other was okay but a little whiney.  I have no idea what was going on but we just had a WEEK.  I've really struggled getting in the holiday spirit this year -- I mean, it's two weeks until Christmas and I have purchased precisely four presents.  Four!  That's not like me, not at all.  I just have zero spirit this year and rotten kids don't help with that at all.  Like, I even told Mark the other night, "at this point, I don't want to buy anything for any of them!"  Ahhhh.  Parenting.

Truth: I miss the innocence of them all being small children at Christmastime.  A pic popped up on my Facebook "let's tug at your heartstrings and make you cry" memories the other day of J at about four years old in front of the Christmas tree.  He still had baby teeth and curly hair and was wearing a sweet little Christmas sweater and, like I know he was hell on wheels at four, but still . . . what I wouldn't give to have those fleeting moments of childhood wonderment back.

When they're not being complete and total hellions, their ages really are fun so I'm trying not to ruin what we have no by dwelling on days gone by.  But, at the same time, my baby told me the other day that she's too old to watch Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas with me.  What the heck, man?  Did the Grinch come and steal her Christmas spirit, too?  I guess in some ways I feel like I'm mourning the loss of those days.  When Santa was a given, not something that was questioned.  When the entire season was magic.  Does anyone wanna loan me a toddler for the season?  ;)

We did manage to make our annual pilgrimage all the way to Bass Pro Shop for Santa pics.  If you'll allow me another "when they were tinyyyyy" moment, J called BPS "The North Pole" FOREVER because the only time he ever went there was Christmastime to see Santa!

They had a different Santa this year -- the other one had been there since I moved to Memphis! This one wasn't quite as jovial but that still didn't stop K2 from telling him she literally wants the entire toy section of Toys R Us for Christmas.

Since I bellyached so much about not having little ones for Christmas and then proceeded to post Santa pics . . . I thought I'd let you in on my rule: you get your picture taken with Santa until you have kiddos of your own!  I can only imagine the teenage angst we're going to capture in pics in years to come!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Tale of Two Weekends

Friday afternoon, I scooped the girls up (almost) as soon as they got off the bus.  It as over the river and through the woods to meet grandmother at a fast food joint in Brinkley, Arkansas.  Tiny town very close to where I grew up - and very close to where my mom still lives - was having their Sugar Plum Ball Saturday night and she invited the girls to go along with her.  Brinkley is the halfway point for driving . . . a.k.a. where we always stop for potty breaks on our way home! . . . and was the perfect place to meet to transfer the brats pretty princesses.

Here's a look at what they got to do Saturday night.  Spoiler alert: Belle is my favorite and I'm a little jelly!

Doesn't that look so fun?  They had an absolute blast.  All the princesses (and the HORSE!) were right up K2's alley.  The Girl had fun, too, but said she thinks she'll be too old for it next year.  But.  She still wants to have a Christmas weekend with Gigi.  I think we've started a fun tradition!  And one that I'm behind 100% because . . . when the kiddos are away, the parents will play!

The boys went with their dad Saturday morning so that meant Mark and I had KID-FREE TIME and we DIDN'T HAVE TO HUNT DOWN A BABYSITTER!  It was a Christmas miracle, magical, thank you Baby Jesus, all that.

It was championship Saturday and our Memphis Tigers were playing at 11:00 a.m.  We were invited to two different viewing parties so we headed to Anthony's for the first half.  We had fun - the usual crew was there.  But.  Anthony made chili and I swear he was trying to kill us with it.  I like spicy!  But I seriously thought my esophagus or whatever was going to "nope, not doin' it, see ya" right out of my body.  Come to find out, he put ghost peppers in it.  So . . . thanks for that, Anthony.

We headed to Doc's at the half and it was full of Tigers fans!

About, oh, 1/32nd of this crowd are people we tailgate with on Tiger Lane.  The alumni association had a watch party at the Liberty Bowl Saturday complete with normal tailgating.  However, the St. Jude marathon was also going on.  It's a huge deal and it runs right by the Liberty Bowl.  Rather than getting in the way of the runners, these tailgaters decided to move their fun to Doc's.  The bar let them bring in a potluck and had every TV in the place on the game.  Tailgating is fun but this was pretty awesome too!

In the end, Memphis lost in double over time.  Oh my goodness, it was one hell of a game.  It's been so exciting watching the Tigers this season.  We were hoping for the Peach Bowl - where we would've ended up with a win! - but we are settling for . . . THE LIBERTY BOWL!  Yes!  A home bowl game and a first ever appearance for the Tigers.  Can't wait!

After that Tigers game, it was on to Russell's to watch the Auburn Tigers and Georgia in the SEC championship.  We only made it through half before we went home to nap . . . we had tickets later for the Phantom of the Opera!

Confession time: I had never seen Phantom of the Opera before.  I love, love, LOVE live theater and was SO excited.  I found the acting absolutely phenomenal and the singing was out of this world.  The storyline though . . . was slightly boring and a little . . . rape-y?  I feel like there's something wrong with me because I didn't love it.  What I did love, though, was spending time with my guy!  And he didn't love it either.  So we decided to mosey on down to Beale and Blue's City CafĂ© for something more our speed . . .

Like shots with the band! 

I love doing life with this guy.  And I REALLY love getting a break from real life with this guy!  ;)  We had too much fun downtown.  Since it was marathon weekend, there were people from all over walking around and having fun.  The first weekend in December is a great one to hang in downtown Memphis.

I went to pick up the girls Sunday afternoon and the boys were back by the time I got home.  Russell came over for a bit.  The weather was gorgeous.  And, well, every single weekend it's constant, "Mark!  Can we play catch?"  "Mark!  Two hand touch!"  "Mark!  Be all time quarterback?"  I love it.  The boys love it.  And Mark loves it too.

Losing teams notwithstanding, it was a GREAT weekend!  The next few are full of birthdays and Christmas-y stuff and I'm so glad I got to have some one-on-one time with my guy before getting in the thick of the crazy.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Tour 2017: Does Your Tree Tell a Story?

I love boutique trees. They’re gorgeous and they totally brighten up a room. They have a way of looking professional yet also FUN.  But ... I don’t want one in my living room.

When I was growing up, our tree was lit with multicolored lights, covered in silver garland. Ornaments were cross-stitched by my mom, painted by my grandmother, made by my brother and I or things like a Hallmark version of Troy Aikman, the California Raisins, the M&M characters. The finishing touch was that we drenched it in icicles. I loved that tree. 

I now prefer white lights. We don’t do garland and I - and my vacuum cleaner - are thankful that icicles had their heyday in the 80’s. However, I still adore a tree that tells a story. A tree with salt dough ornaments, with “baby’s first Christmas,” a child’s gap-toothed smile shining from a felt ornament cut in the shape of a tree.  That’s what I love. The boutique trees are gorgeous - and maybe one of these days I’ll even decide to put one in my dining room or somewhere - but you really cannot beat the feeling you get going through each of the “story” ornaments every year. 

“Oooh, I made this one in kindergarten!”
“Didn’t you bring this one back from Chicago?”
“This one was from Aunt Monica!”

It really is the best. 

That said . . . here's look at our house all merry and bright for 2017!  We'll start with the exterior . . .

Mark would totally Clark W. Griswold things up if we could but there just aren't enough hours in the weekend.  Or, you know, we prefer to spend ours watching football rather than cursing over Christmas lights.  Anyway, he bought this spotlight at Sam's and loved it so much that he went back and bought another.  Now thee other people on our street have the same thing!  The kids love it and that's what really maters.

Now, let's head inside . . .

We'll start with the front entryway where we have our command center.

Each kid has a stocking on their bulletin board so others can leave then fun messages and their Secret Santa can also slip in candy or some kind of goodie.  You'll also see that our elf - Mittens Joy Peyton - decided to hang out there on this particular day.  The kids, except K2, are all really too old for the elf but, dang it, if they don't love to get up every morning and go on an elf hunt!

In the downstairs hallway, we have canvases the kids painted last year (J's is missing because, even though, he began it in December 2016, it's still not done.  He gets it from his mama.)

They will paint a canvas every year and they'll be added to our collection.  One day, I'll have these ling the hall going upstairs.

On the other side, a collage of pictures from last year.  It was the first year living in this house and I plan to do a collage for every single year, eventually having them take over both sides of the hallway. 

Onto the living room . . . I wrapped evergreen garland on the stairs and why?  Why did I do that?  I knew what a pain it was after last year.  The kids won't stop touching it, I have to vacuum constantly, and I think I adjust the bows every three seconds.

I don't have very many decorations left over from my childhood so I really treasure the ones I do have.  My brother and I would fight over who moved the mouse on this advent calendar . . . and now my kids do the same.

 Mark's favorite decoration . . . our Bears tree!

When he and I first met, he had what he called this sad little "Charlie Brown tree."  He wasn't going to keep it but I knew it would be perfect for all of his Bears ornaments.

Our big, messy, "tells a story" tree . . .

I bought this tree the first year I was married and, well, we split up over four years ago.  That lets you know just how old this guy is.  Some of the branches are drooping and the built-in lights no longer work and every year I say I'm going to get a new one after Christmas . . .

Those super decorative fan boxes hold our fire wood.  I could've, probably should've moved them for pictures but, oh well, real life and all that.

I love the stories these ornaments tell!

The worry dolls are from Guatemala and were picked up during The Girl's adoption.  We call them our three wise ladies.

The fireplace and mantle . . . I go back and forth on wanting all.the.things. on the mantle or just wanting a pretty garland.  For now, all the things won out.

The pumpkin is leftover from Thanksgiving . . . we all wrote things we're thankful for on it and I'm not ready to toss it just yet.  So a Santa hat on it and it fits.  Sorta.

The ceramic Santa on the mantle is another relic from my childhood.  My grandmother painted it and it's dated 1981.  I would give almost anything to have one of her ceramic Christmas villages but I love the little Santa.  And you better believe it's probably treated the most delicately of anything else we own.  And, sorry Mark, but that includes your Walter Payton ornament. 

I thought about getting us all new and matching stockings last year but, eh, I kind of like our mismatched mishmash!

In the candy dish is a mix of the "old fashioned Christmas candy."  Remember how everybody's grandma had that back in the 80's?  I found a small tin of it at the Dollar Tree and had to buy for nostalgia purposes.  My kids don't touch it because they think it's literally leftover from the 80's.

The Grinch has been with us since J's first Christmas in 2006!  He used to be in a new spot every morning and bring the kinds something fun to do.  These days, though, he just hangs out and observes.

I bring out my Southern Living Christmas editions for the coffee table every year.  The girls and I are pretty much constantly looking through them.  And K2 finds ALL the things I need to make or bake!

One last look at the living room, this time from the kitchen.

And then a few decorations in the kitchen (probably should've closed the blinds for these pictures!)  My dining room table has a centerpiece - that I forgot to take a picture of - but our kitchen table is way too functional for anything like that simply because we use it for at least two meals a day.  And it's been known to hold backpacks, jackets, Barbie dolls, violins . . . you get the picture.  So we just keep it simple in the kitchen . . . and maybe one of these days I'll remember to buy a bow to put in the center of my greenery!

And there's a little look at our decked halls!  I know my decorating wouldn't win any awards or give inspiration but it's cozy and just makes me so happy.  I've had a hard time getting in the spirit this year but the twinkling lights help just a little bit.  And I can't help but wonder about my own kids and their decorations one of these days.  Will they go the trendy route?  Will they say, "my mom's tree was tacky and full of salt dough ornaments but I loved it!"  Will icicles come back in style?

Monday, December 4, 2017

I'll Be There for You

When we started house hunting in 2016, our main reason for choosing our community was one thing and one thing only: the school district.  I did not want my kids to stay in the same school system.  I wanted more educational opportunities, more creativity, more activities and chances to participate.  I wanted more than they were getting from their old school.  And, boy, did our new school deliver.  It's been amazing and we absolutely love it.  When it came to moving and changing schools, I was worried about the social aspect.  How would the kids acclimate?  Would they make new friends?  Would it be a rough transition?  I went to the same school - with the same people - from kindergarten until I graduated and it was hard to wrap my mind around the idea of a new school.

Well, the friendships our kids have made at their new school have been the absolute biggest blessing to come from our move.  The girls both have besties that live right in our neighborhood -- in fact, K2 is practically hopping on her bike and heading to her friend's house as soon as she wakes up on a weekend morning.  Mark and I have forged a friendship with The Girl's best friend's parents.  K1 has his little squad and I just adore every single one of those boys: they have each other's backs and are basically inseparable. 

A conversation J and I had the other night, though, is basically the reason for this post.  He and T became fast friends last year, bonding over being in the same grade and riding the same bus.  This year they have things even better because they're in the same class.  Thursday night J told me, "T and I have things all planned out."  My initial thought was "planned out" meant "I am about to bombard you with a sleepover we planned all on our own but expect you to host and finance."  But no.

"Well, hopefully we'll both be on the same GFL team next year.  After that, we know we'll play middle school and high school ball together.  We're both going to play for Memphis.  He's going to be running back and I'm going to be quarterback, a big guy QB like Paxton Lynch cause I'm going to be so tall.  Then we'll either get drafted to the same NFL team or figure out how to be traded to the same team.  Just not the Browns."

I mean.  I love it!  I love that he has a friend he is so close to that they have their futures all planned out, including college together and the NFL dream.  I LOVE IT.

If I'm being completely honest, I'm probably only still friends with my BFF's from elementary and high school because of social media.  I mean, we still occasionally hang out when I'm back home but I know being able to send each other a PM or plan things on social media plays a huge hand in that.  Had we grown up in the 60's and 70's rather than the 80's and 90's, things would be much different.  We wouldn't make plans for pizza and beer over a Facebook status: we'd run into each other in the grocery store, hug, and spend the next half hour catching up.  So while I hope that the friendships my kids are forming now are things that hold for life, that they still have the same besties when they're 16 and 36 and all that.  I know that life happens, people move away, people drift apart.

But you know what?  I absolutely love those girls I grew up with and even though we're not as close as we were, I absolutely cherish all the memories we made.  Dancing with the tire swing at Shara's house, pretending it was Jordan Knight.  Sleepovers at Sarah's house where we made prank calls back in the day when you could without getting caught.  "Our" lunch table in the cafeteria.  Shanna and I playing spades with my cousin and his roommate.  Those are just a few of the million memories I mad with those friends from my schooldays. 

And I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to know my kids are making those same kind of memories.  Friendships are so important and I'm thankful every single day of my life that my kids have people who have their backs, who make life fun and a little easier for them, who they build memories with every single day.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Foodie Friday: It's DRESSING + Leftovers!

Thanksgiving morning, I was rattling off everything I was making during the day.  Tim, Mark's brother, said, "I don't know that I've ever had dressing."  Mark told him, "Tim, it's just stuffing" and then I almost died.  IT IS NOT STUFFING.  IT IS NOT.  Is it stuffed in anything?  No?  Then it's not stuffing.  It's dressing.

I grew up with cornbread dressing that was full of sage.  To this day, it's one of my favorite parts of the holidays (potato casserole reigns supreme though.)  I remember one of the first holidays my ex-husband and I spent together.  I asked my mom to make the dressing "with lots of sage!" and, boy, did she deliver.  It was delicious and I loved it.  My ex swore up and down that he'd never eaten anything like it and commissioned his brother-in-law to prepare "the stuffing" for the next holiday gathering.  It was full of white bread and apples and WHAT WAS EVEN GOING ON THERE?  Yuck.  Dressing is where it's at.  And cornbread and sage is where the dressing is at.  I'm just sayin'.

We had nine people at Thanksgiving dinner but cooked for more like, oh, ninety.  So we've been all about dem leftovers.  I thought I'd share what we've been eating on this week.


Turkey ala King
This was Mark-requested and, honestly, not something I grew up on.  We just ate the leftover turkey on white bread with mayo and it was pretty much amazing.  He's Midwest "hot dish" though so sometimes I have to indulge that.  ;)  I took about half our leftover turkey and threw it in a pot with leftover giblet gravy, two cans of cream of mushroom soup, a splash of milk, and a bag of mixed veggies.  I served it over rice for the kids and they REALLY loved it.  Win!


Chicken Cordon Bleu . . . Sorta

Okay, we LOVE chicken cordon bleu.  It's one of my very favorites.  I took chicken breasts, seasoned tem, and cooked them on the stove top. Then - rather than stuffing the chicken - I just topped each breast with a slice of ham and cheese, covered the pan, and let the cheese get all gooey.  It was really, really good.  I mean, can you beat ooey gooey cheese?  Spoiler: No.  No, you cannot.  We also pulled out allll the leftover sides so we had dressing, sweet potato casserole, potato casserole, and green bean casserole with this meal.  It was a hit!


Black Eyed Peas

My oldest child LOVES black eyed peas.  It's one of his favorite meals so whenever we have ham, I try to use the leftovers to deliver up for him!  All I do is throw my peas in a crockpot with enough chicken broth to cover, a ham bone or pieces of leftover ham, and let it cook all day long.  With this meal, I made cornbread and also served our leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving.  There are six of us and half of us ate it happily.  The other half are on my shit list . . .

And that's how we used up our leftovers!  I still haven't decided if we're going to do a traditional Christmas dinner or do enchiladas (like last year) or maybe even Italian.  I really want one of my Cali chicks to come south and teach me how to make tamales! 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Soap Box Time: Sexual Assault and Victim Blaming

We're literally to the point that every single day we're once again getting a story about some politician or other person in power being accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault.  And, thank you news app for confirming to me that Matt Lauer is in fact a creep and had been fired, but I really did not need the alert on my phone BEFORE I EVEN WOKE UP yesterday morning.

It's almost like America woke up in 2017 and said "woah, hey, sexual harassment and assault really IS a thing."  I was going to add an "and maybe we should do something about it" to the end of that sentence but I'm not sure we're there yet.  Yes, we're taking baby steps but it honestly feels like too little, too late.  And I also don't feel like I can say anything while we have people out there who are USING THE BIBLE AND THE MOTHER OF JESUS to defend Roy Moore.

Like anyone else with at least half a brain and a heart, I'm so sick over everything that has come out.  But let me tell you something else that makes me sick: victim blaming.

Why didn't she say something sooner?

Who cares?  Seriously.  WHO EVEN CARES?  (S)he is the victim and it's their story to tell when THEY want to tell it.  As a friend of mine put it: "the reason why someone doesn't come forward is only important to the victim."  When we pull that "shoulda said something sooner!" card, we're only further victimizing someone who has already been through enough.  I'll also add this: things have changed a lot.  And for the better.  I've shared this story before but when I was in the fifth grade - early 90's - a boy on the bus pinched my butt.  When I let the bus driver know, I was given the "boys will be boys" speech.  It took my dad - a man - getting involved and raising holy hell before anything was even SAID to the kid.  And that was in the 90's!  Think of how differently things would've been ten, twenty, thirty years before that.

We have to stop victim blaming.  She wasn't asking for it because of what she wore.  She shouldn't have expected it because she let him pay for her meal.  She didn't have to say anything until she felt comfortable doing so.

I really liked the "me too" movement a few weeks ago because I thought it would open the eyes of so many out there that rug sweep things like this.  I thought, hoped that people would realize that sexual harassment or sexual assault literally happens to pretty much every single female.  And while it seems it did open some eyes, it also felt like it opened the door to a lot of excuses.  I, for one, am sick of the excuses.

I can see already that we've made positive strides and I think and hope my girls will grow up in a better world.  I, for one, am trying my hardest to raise GOOD MEN.  I pray to God that my boys don't turn into douches that feel like they're owed the world (and whatever woman) just because they possess a penis.  In my house, all children are taught that "no" or "stop" means you stop the first damn time.  It doesn't matter if someone is telling you to stop kicking their chair at the dinner table, that no they don't want to play basketball right that moment, or WHAT.  No means no.  We're planting that seed.  Who knows what will happen in the future but I'm trying my hardest in the time being.  And I like to think that so many of my comrades who are also in the trenches of the pre-teen years are doing the same.  We will raise better men.

I'll climb down from my soapbox now.  I'm glad we are making some strides but we still have a long, long way to go.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holiday Weekend: The Rest of the Story

If you are a college football fan then you know one of the very best things about the Thanksgiving holiday is that Friday (and sometimes Thursday!) begins RIVALRY WEEKEND!  There was even a short movie going around Facebook a few weeks ago that involved a chick taking her friend's engagement ring and throwing it in a lake because the friend's fiancĂ© wanted to wed during rivalry weekend.  It's serious stuff!
Unfortunately for us Arkansas fans, they moved up our Battle of the Boot with LSU when they shook up the SEC a few years ago.  Now we play Missouri in something called the Borderline Battle (I think . . . you can see how invested I am.)  It's not nearly as exciting but maybe it will be one of these days.

Arkansas lost because apparently that's our theme for the year.  Our coach was fired right after the game - not a fan of how that was done, can we please show a little more class?  I'm really hoping we land Mike Norvelle but only time will tell.

Everyone else went to the movies during the afternoon games while The Boy and I hung out at home to watch football.  I did sneak out for a bit to go have a drink with Kendra: it was her birthday.

We were up bright and early Saturday morning for . . . what else?  More football!

Memphis was hosting East Carolina in the last game of the regular season.  We clinched the AAC west the previous week so this was for a boost in the rankings and - hopefully  - to round out the regular season on a high note.

And boy was it a high note . . . the final score was 70-13!

It was so much fun with family and friends.  We're hoping Memphis beats Central Florida on Saturday - and earns a trip to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta!  That would be a manageable bowl game for us and we're really just hoping we can see them play one more time this season.  2017 has been a fun one!

We ate Mexican for an early dinner Saturday evening.  The Iron Bowl was on but the restaurant couldn't change the TV at our table to that channel because they'd lost their remote.  Was I at home or what?!?  ;)  The Boy and I stood at the bar to watch the end of the game.  WAR DAMN EAGLE.  There aren't many things in the world better than seeing Bama lose!

Sunday morning, we said goodbye to family and settled in to watch the Bears lose, rake leaves, and do roughly 2384389 loads of laundry.  All in all, a pretty great weekend.  And GO TIGERS GO.