Monday, March 13, 2017

March Madness

I'm on Spring Break! 

My (much needed) break officially started Thursday afternoon and it could not have come any sooner.  I am so ready for a break.

I kicked the break/ weekend off with lunch at Corky's with Kendra and Cady. We got all caught up on life and just had a really good time visiting. 

The girls started tumbling that evening so we headed for that when they got out of school.  I'm going to brag on my littlest lady for a minute here.  K2 gets it from her mama when it comes to coordination.  Meaning: there's not a whole lot of coordination.  She was so excited to go to "gymstastics" but I was a little worried how she would do.  The instructor asked the girls in her class who could do a cartwheel.  K2 raised her hand and then, when it was her turn to demonstrate, SHE DID IT!  I've never seen her turn a cartwheel before but she did it!  Then continued to do really well in her class.  She struggled with some things more than others but she got out there and tried and worked.  Very proud of her!

The kids are with their dad for spring break this week so he picked them up from tumbling.  Mark, the Girl Child, and I went out for Mexican at La Hacienda.  That night, I decided to do a mini-binge on Big Little Lies

I love it!  I'm only 2.5 episodes in (it was late and I fell asleep on episode three) but so far so good.  I really loved the book and the series seems to follow along well with the book.  I know some people didn't like that they moved the setting from Australia to California but I'm a fan.  I do think Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern are a little old for their parts but, meh, they work.  Adore Reese Witherspoon, she can do no wrong.

Saturday we had SEVEN kid-free hours.  Ahhhhhh.  We got the Girl Child squared away and headed to Doc's with Anthony.  Russell and Mike joined us there later.  We watched college basketball and drank too much. I think there were Fireball shots . . . it was just a really good time.
Jon and Cady came over Saturday evening.  It decided to get cold again for the weekend (like, it snowed a little Saturday night/ Sunday morning!) so we lit a fire then roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire.  It was such a fun night! 

I slept in until 10:00 on Sunday!  Granted, we lost an hour but I pretty much never sleep that late.  It was so nice.  We spent the day cleaning, doing yard work, and watching Arkansas lose to Kentucky in the SEC tournament final. 

And that brings me to . . . MARCH MADNESS!  I don't care about college basketball the way I do football.  But, oh my, I do get into some March Madness.  I was very excited to see Arkansas get an 8 seed . . . and if they win their first game they'll play in Memphis for the second round.  Um, yes please! 

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