Monday, March 20, 2017

"Spring" Break

Mark always forwards me any information about travel he has to do for work.  A few weeks ago, he sent me an email about a seminar he had going on in Chicago.  I realized it was being held during Spring Break and that it was Mark's year to have the Boychild.  He initially considered not attending the seminar as it would interfere with his time with his son.  But I thought, "hey, why don't we all go?"  It would just be four of us since J and the K's were with their dad.  We would be able to visit family and friends and the kids would get to see more of the city.  So that's exactly what we did.  We loaded up Tuesday morning and hit the road: Chicago bound!
So, of course, it snowed.  It was a little crazy because there was no snow on the ground in southern Illinois, very patchy in central IL, and then we passed the Kankakee River and HOLY SNOW, BATMAN.  So much!  It was also very, very cold.  So much for "spring" break! 
Wednesday was our first full day in the city.  Mark spent the day at his company's Chicago area plant and the kiddos and I sat off to explore the city.  First stop . . . Millennium Park! 

Keepin' it real: the kids were way more interested in the snow than the Bean!

Tuesday night, I was going through a magazine in the hotel and realized there was a Dylan's Candy Bar in Chicago.  Super close to our hotel too!  I went to the one in New York City and knew I had to take the kiddos to this one.  That was our next stop on Wednesday.

The kids shared this HUGE cake batter sundae while I nursed a candy-infused cocktail.  Neither the ice cream or the drink were a disappointment.  Good stuff!

After Dylan's, we decided to do some window shopping on the Mag Mile.  We made our way down Michigan Avenue to Water Tower Place.  Our main destination was the Lego store.

And I was psyched that they had a store dedicated to the art of Dr. Seuss.  I could have bought all the things but settled on just a Christmas ornament. 

That night, Mark had a meet-and-greet for his seminar so the kids and I went out to eat with their aunt and cousins.  We went to Uno Pizzeria (I'll do a post about food later) and the kids had catching up with their cousins.  The girl hadn't seen them since Christmas, but it had been summer for the Boy Child!

The next day we planned one of my favorite things: a visit to the Sears Willis Tower.

The kids' Aunt Monica works on the 71st floor so she was able to get us visitor passes and we were able to check out the views of downtown Chicago.  FOR FREE!

I will never get tired of seeing downtown Chicago!

Ahhhhh.  Love it!  And, to think, I've paid good money for this view before!

We planned to hit up a museum Thursday afternoon but the kids were so tired of walking -- we had already hit 12,000 steps by 2:00 -- so we went back to the hotel.  Watched basketball, read a little, and just relaxed until dinner time.  And dinner?

We met my friend Mo and her son Kam at Al's Italian Beef.  MoMo is one of my favorite people on Earth and I'll forever be thankful that Mark is from the Chicago area.  Because that means I get to see my Mo several times a year!  It's always so good to catch up with her.

There are enough pictures in post so I'll continue tomorrow.  We did something pretty damn fun (for me and the Boy) on Friday!

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