Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Things

1) February was a month.  Oh my goodness.  So many first world problems packed into 28 short days!  To finish out our February, we noticed a leak under the kitchen sink last week.  Sigh.  Luckily, it was a fairly easy fix that only required a new faucet.  And even MORE luckily, we found a $200 faucet discounted down to $64.  Um, hello! 

We were also having an "issue" with the garage door.  Almost every morning, I'd go to close it and it would act like something was in front of the sensors.  I had to hold the button down until the door closed completely.  Well, thanks to Russell, we figured that there's nothing wrong with it -- it's just the way the sun is hitting the sensor at that time in the morning.  On cloudy days, it works just fine.  So garage door crisis averted.  Whew. 

2) Mark turned the TV on the other night and The Voice was on.  "Who is that blonde chick?," he asked.
Me: "Gwen Stefani."
M: "Huh?  What?  Where's the rest of her band?"
Me: "Ummm . . . in 1998?"

3) So.  I actually have something nice to say about our current president(ial family).    I walked in the room the other night before having a chance to turn the TV off of the presidential address.  And I honestly audibly gasped when I saw Melania Trump.  "Wow, she is so beautiful!"  And she is.  I'll never call her classy.  But beautiful?  Yes.

4) Now that I've said something nice let me revert back to pure disgust.  Kellyann Conway and Betsy DeVos are both so gross.  I hate that THEY are the women at the forefront of this (or any) administration. 

5) Because we had practically no winter (though, it's March.  And March in Memphis means we very likely could get dumped on with a bunch of snow) everything started blooming MUCH earlier than normal.  My neighbor has had daffodils since early February and the Bradford Pears and Dogwoods are starting to flower.  Which means my poor J is miserable.  It's early March and we're already poppin' the Claritins up in here, up in here.

6) One of my professors (I only have two, by the way, and this particular one teaches two of my courses) had a death in the family over the weekend.  He won't be back until after Spring Break and changed our two midterms from exams to papers.  They aren't due until the Sunday after Spring Break but I'm gonna bust my butt to get them done by next Friday.  I wanna enjoy my break!

7) My goal for Lent this year: I want to get in some kind of workout every single day for the next forty.  I would like to hit the gym at least four days a week but I'm not going to beat myself up over that one as long as I'm being active.  Yesterday I went for a walk.  The weather is supposed to cool off a little bit today (as in it's only going to be 60 - told ya it's been a warm winter!) so I wanted to soak up the sunshine while I could.

8) Russell and Kathy have a dog, Donnie, Donald, THE DON, that belonged to Kathy's mother.  She went to Kathy after her mom passed away.  The Don loves cheese and the kids love, love, love to feed it to him.  They love that dog.  Well, he had to be put down Saturday night.  We haven't told the kids yet but they're going to be devastated.  The same thing happened last year with my mom's dog, Sugar, she inherited after my grandfather passed away.  The kids were so upset.  I really dread telling them about Donnie.

9) And speaking of Russell and Kathy -- we were over at their house last week and the kids were DYING to get in the pool.  Dying.  We had no suits but I let them redneck it up, strip down to their skivvies, and jump in.  They lasted maybe five minutes in the pool before running for the hot tub.  And just because I love Cambo's "smile" in this picture from the same day:

10) Appropriate.

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