Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Tidbits

We're officially in the weird part of the year where there's just not a whole lot going on.  The kids haven't started sports yet (though the girls were supposed to start tumbling last Friday; it was postponed), we're not in festival season, there's no football, and it's not hot enough to be in the pool and constantly have people over.  So . . . very low key.  But I did want to share a few things from our weekend.

- Friday night, Mark and I were out on the back deck.  J was playing two houses down with a neighbor friend.  About five minutes after Mark lit the grill, we heard a voice.  "MARK!  MARK!  ARE YOU LIGHTING THE GRILL?  DON'T EAT WITHOUT ME!"  Ha!  J could smell dinner being made from the neighbor's backyard and wanted to make sure he was included in the good eats!

- I beat both boys at rounds of "HORSE" a few nights ago and J decided he wanted a rematch on Saturday afternoon.  Guess what?  I beat him again!  Mom for the win!

- I decided I wanted to watch a movie Saturday night.  The kids were still up so we knew it needed to be something kid appropriate.  We ended up watching . . . The Lion King.  Just Mark and me!  Kids at heart.

- Mark made breakfast for the whole crowd Sunday morning.  We used 14 eggs, a pound and a half of bacon, and a loaf of bread.  WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WHEN THESE KIDS ARE TEENS?!?

- We had 14 eggs because when my man went to Sam's on Saturday, he bought seven and a half DOZEN.  They were 64 cents a dozen and he couldn't pass up the deal.  We now have eggs out the wah-wah.

- We got around to installing our new faucet yesterday.  Actually, if I'm being truthful, Russell and Curtis came over and Curtis installed our new faucet.   We bought a Wewe brand faucet and, oh my goodness, did we have too much fun with the "wee wee" jokes.  Adulting so hard.  Until we're not.  After the faucet was installed, Curtis played football with the boys in the rain and that basically made their entire weekend.  They love them some Curt.

Lazy, low key weekend but we need those every once in a while.  This week we're on the downhill slide to Spring Break and, ahhhhh, cannot wait, cannot wait, cannot wait. 

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