Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

Oh my. 
The last two days have been . . . something else.
It actually goes back to Friday evening.  The Girl Child got sick.  When I went up to her room, I noticed junk food wrappers (ugh.  Not allowed but also not something you address when the kid is sick!) and chalked the whole thing up to too much junk.  The rest of the weekend went along pretty great.  Then.  Sunday night/ early Monday morning.  Mark and K2 were both hit with it at the same time.  It hit me while I was taking care of K2.  By Monday morning, it hit K1.  The four of us were completely USELESS Monday.  My goodness.  It was so bad.  Parents shouldn't be sick at the same time as the kids!  Tuesday morning, it hit J.  I thought we were all over it by last night but Mark and K2 both got sick again in the early hours of the morning.  Jesus take the wheel.
Now that we've got that out of the way . . . WEEKEND! 
Good Friday, Mark went to pick up a lawn tractor he bought from a resale website.  It was almost brand new, we got it about half price, and we NEED this thing.  It came with a bagger which is a huge deal -- so tired of dealing with leaves and gumballs and just all the yard "ick" that goes with living in an area with a lot of trees.  I worked on cleaning out flower beds, made my first sun tea of the season, and just relaxed.
Russell and Kathy invited us over Saturday.  Russell's daughter recently moved to Los Angeles and was back in town for Easter.  She requested one thing: crawfish.
My boys were with their dad for the previous weekend's crawfish boil so they were VERY happy to be able to dig into some mudbugs.  K1's exact words: "I've waited all year for this!"

Then . . . swimming!  And, like, really swimming.  Not just jumping in the pool, saying it was too cold, and getting out.

The whole swimming thing was interesting because Cambo (the large white dog behind J) LOVES to swim.  He's bigger than all the kids and thought he was playing with them but, well, he plays a little rough.

We had a great time but had to get home so Mark could fire up the smoker.  And, well, because we had some eggs to dye!

Truth: I set my alarm for 4 a.m. Easter morning.  I didn't trust the kids to actually be asleep before I played Easter bunny and I was sure they would wake up before I did in the morning.  So I set my alarm, got up and Easter Bunny'd, then went back to bed until they woke us up.  At 6:30.  Yawn.

For this year's baskets, I did upside down baseball hats for the boys.  They each had a new Grizzlies shirt, candy, Goggles, and a few other small things.  The girls got a bag they can color, stuffed bunnies, mermaid pillows, goggles, candy, and other goodies.

Also truth: I went back to bed for another hour after digging into the baskets.  I was so tired and didn't want to be cranky all day!

After I woke up, it was time to get ready for our Easter dinner!  Mark smoked a ham and fried a turkey.

I took care of the fixings. We had potato casserole, corn dip, baked beans, a fruit tray, and Cady made her deviled eggs.  I also made a strawberry pie.

After we ate, it was time to swim!  I guess our pool is now officially open for the season??  We never closed it but it seems as though now it'll be used every weekend until school's out.  Then, you know, it'll be used like every hour.

And, finally, EASTER EGG HUNT!

Truth Yet Again: When I was a kid, you would always find eggs hidden in tail pipes of cars.  Tail pipes are different than they were in the 80's and I nearly lost an egg in the tail pipe of my car.  We rescued it but I officially won the family "Duh" award for the day.

It was such a great Easter!  The weather was wonderful, the kids were in good moods.  And, hey, we all got sick so none of the calories counted anyway!

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