Friday, April 7, 2017


Is spring the busiest time of year?  Or is it the weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year?  Or maybe it's both?  I know every year around Christmas I'm thinking, "WE ARE SO BUSY" but then it happens again as we get to the end of the school year.  Birthdays, kids activities, and there's just always something going on.  My last final is May 3rd and I can't even begin to tell you just how much I CAN'T WAIT.  I'm considering taking an online summer class just to keep my momentum going.  But I won't be juggling that with kid stuff and everything else. 
Anyway, life has been pretty busy lately.  Both girls are taking tumbling classes, J and K1 are playing baseball, and Tuesday afternoon the Boy Child tried out for the middle school football team and made it!  We spent all day Wednesday celebrating someone turning the big SEVEN:
My kids always request cinnamon rolls (like, the refrigerated kind that take 15 minutes to bake) for their birthdays.  They were originally supposed to go with their dad Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning and I was really bummed they were going to miss the cinnamon roll tradition.  He changed days though and, whew, got to be with my baby on her birthday morning!


We try to make the birthday ALL ABOUT the person we're celebrating.  It's their day.  They choose breakfast and dinner (K2 wanted quesadillas), they control the TV (a leftover birthday perk from when I was a kid!), we try to do something special-ish with them (she went to Toys R Us to spend a birthday gift card.)  But the one thing they look forward to more than anything else is me having lunch at school with them.  Seriously, they love this.  Probably more because they're getting fast food rather than, ya know, having the pleasure of my company.  ;)  K2 eats lunch SO EARLY, though, that I actually had to bring her breakfast -- but she appreciated her CFA chicken minis. 

Mark took off Wednesday afternoon so, after my class, I was able to meet him for real lunch at East End (not gonna lie, I might have eaten one of those chicken minis with K2 earlier though!) then we did what all old people do on a random Wednesday off . . . went to Lowe's and bought stuff for the yard.  Fun stuff!

The fourth graders had their "big" field trip yesterday.  They woke up hyper OFF THE CHARTS and came in talking non-stop.  I guess maybe - MAYBE - it was worth the $36 price tag for them to be so happy.  Today is the kindergarten field trip and I'm tagging along to head to a farm.  Fun stuff!

That's a little look at what we've been up to lately.  This weekend we'll hopefully be heading to a crawfish boil -- that time of year again!

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