Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Prank Party

My baby turns SEVEN tomorrow and we celebrated her on Saturday.  The only date available for her birthday party was April 1st and when she found that out, she decided she wanted a "prank party."  Um, okay?  It took a little Pinterest and a lot of creativity but I think we were able to pull off a pretty cool little April Fool's themed/ prank party.
We decided to decorate with things that are SILLY.  Because that's what April Fool's Day really is, right?  A whole lot of silly?  So I used posterboard to make silly faced emoji and jester hats to put on a couple of them.

Planning food to a party theme is probably my favorite thing ever.  I love it!  K2 requested macaroni and cheese, goldfish crackers, and carrots (so maybe our theme should've been orange?)  So we had those and then I added a few more things as well.

We had:
Sushi (I used fruit roll up strips to tether Swedish Fish to rice krispy treat squares)
Peas and Carrots (Skittles and Star Bursts)
Unicorn Poop

Prank Pineapple
Can't Fool Me Cucumber
Smiley Dip
Crazy Carrots
Goofy Guppies
Silly Sliders (chicken salad, peanut butter and jelly, and ham and cheese -- not pictured)
I decorated the table with disguise glasses and whoopee cushions and we also laid some plastic lizards and stuff around as well (because why not?!?)
And now for actual party pictures!

My friend Kira made her shirt.  Isn't it adorable?

Apologies for the wonky formatting -- the following picture didn't want to be in the post! 
I set my dining room up for a craft.  K2 wanted to paint but I nixed that real quick because a bunch of kids painting in my dining room pretty much sounds like a nightmare!  Instead, we put out yellow circles, googly eyes, stickers, and a bunch of sharpies.  The kids made their own silly faces.  It was a fun little way to get the party started.

After that, it was time to get . . . . BEANBOOZLED! 
I planned three games for this party (Beanboozled, Pie Face, and a balloon relay) and this was the only one that really happened.  Oh well.  The kids had fun and were a little grossed out.  Watching their faces and seeing their reactions . . . too funny.

After that game, we decided it was time to eat.  Luckily, it was a gorgeous day and some of us were able to sit outside.  (I was running out of room in the house!)

Then . . . PRESENTS!

Let me tell you a story about my girl.  She loves to make other people happy, loves to give gifts.  Well, it was her party and she was giving her friends each a turn at opening her presents!  It was the sweetest thing.  "Okay, Emmy, it's your turn.  Open this one."  And then, "Look, Karis!  Look what you got!"  Definitely a different way to do present opening!

After presents, we did cake and . . . well . . . this was the highlight for pretty much every adult in the house. 
The day before I baked one cake but decorated two.  I went to Walmart and bought a couple pieces of round craft Styrofoam, the kind you use for flower arrangements.  I stacked them together and frosted and decorated.  Voila!  Fake cake.  I also made a real cake and hid it in our garage refrigerator. 
When it came time for cake, we sang Happy Birthday then handed Karis a knife to cut into the cake.  She couldn't do it so her brother came to help.  He accidentally slid the first layer off the top and she still didn't realize it was a fake cake.  "J!  WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO MY CAKE?!?"  At that point, Jason walked in - dressed as a clown - with her real cake.  And all the adults yelled, "April Fool's!"  It was too funny.

We also put trick candles on the cake but only one of them worked.  Because, of course.

Last but not least, I had set up a little photo booth in our front entry way and snapped a picture of K2 and (most of) her younger guests.  Two had already left at this point and her brothers declined to do pretty much anything party related other than, you know, eat.


As the guests left, I gave them their goody bags.  The goody bags were the ONE THING I had perfectly planned in my mind from the moment the "prank party" idea was floated out there.

They each had disguise glasses, a whoopee cushion, emoji stickers, emoji tattoos, and candy.  They were tied and had a little felt stick-on mustache on the bag as well. 

I was so tired by the time it was all over but the party was so much fun and I know my girl had a BLAST!

A few other things:

1) I was a little worried we wouldn't have much of a turn out.  I mean, we have five kids in this house and when you add in Kendra and Cady's girls, that's seven.  That's a party there.  But I knew K2 wanted kids from school to come also and as of two days before the party, I'd only had one RSVP.  Eeek!  However.  Counting our five, we ended up having 12 kids (and that's not counting a big brother that disappeared upstairs to the land of Xbox with the other boys) and I think I counted 13 adults.  WOAH!  Much larger than I was anticipating!

2) I like to do parties at home for a variety of reasons but mostly because I have five kids and it's the cheapest way to do things.  K1 had his party at the skating rink last year and, yes, it was nice not to have to clean up.  But I think you can pack so much more in a party you do at home.  I guess everyone has their preference and this is mine. 

3) It's a good thing I love to throw parties because we get to do it all again in a month when we throw K1's ninth birthday fiesta!

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