Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Seven for Seven

Today, my baby girl, my littlest lady, turns SEVEN!  *Insert I can't believe . . . it goes so fast . . . years are short . . . here*  Since she's turning seven, I thought I would share seven things about my girl. 

1) Even though she's seven, she's a very young seven.  And that's something I'm extremely thankful for!  She loves her toys: Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop, and Shopkins are her favorites.  She's still Frozen and Elsa obsessed and loves all things princesses.  She will play for hours and hours and hours on end and I am SO thankful she still loves her toys!  On the flip, however, she did ask for "high heels" for a birthday present.  So . . . yeah.  There's that.

2) She is a GIVER.  I truly think giving gifts is her love language.  She loves to send gifts to her teachers at school and people's birthdays are her very favorite.  She wants to wrap everything herself too.  She doesn't always give gifts that belong to her (she gave the boy child photo booth props from J's birthday party) or ones that make sense (Mark once got her size XS ducky slippers.)  But she loves, loves, loves to give.

3) She was my pickiest eater forever.  We called her a "carbiterian" because, basically, she thought she should be able to live off Goldfish and Goldfish alone.  Thankfully, she's starting to come out of that stage.  She can still be a total brat about food sometimes but, I mean, the child now eats carrots.  I don't even eat carrots!

4) She tells me she wants to "hang out" with me.  I don't know why but that just tickles me so much.  It's such a big girl phrase and I'm so glad that she still wants to hang out with ME.  She also says she's going to live in this house forever so she and I can "hang out."  Ha!

5) My super shy baby/ toddler/ preschooler has turned into . . . well, she's not a social butterfly by any means, it's not her personality.  She's very much an introvert.  But she's grown so much when it comes to interacting with other people.  Whenever we run into one of her classmates out and about, she'll always run up and say "hi" and talk to them.  That's not something that happened a couple years ago, she would've pretended not to see them.  During the Father/ Daughter dance in February, it was reported back to me that she spent a majority of the night socializing with her classmates.  She's tried two new sports in the past year: soccer and tumbling and she just tries so hard at both of them.  She's overcome SO MUCH of her shyness. 

6) She's always adored animals and still does.  Dogs are her favorite, followed by cats, horses, and dolphins.  She's even decided the Miami Dolphins are her favorite football team because . . . well . . . dolphins.  I could see her growing up to work in an animal shelter or fostering 3984294 dogs.  She, however, says she's going to drive an ice cream truck when she grows up.

7) She is so girly!  I was sure that coming after two boys, I'd have a tomboy on my hands.  But, nope.  This girl loves skirts and dresses, the more ruffles and frills the better.  I was so excited in Once Upon a Child the other day because I found a boutique style outfit that's hard to find as little girls get older and I knew K2 would love it.  Then I realized it was a size 4T in the wrong spot. Womp, womp.  But she loves boutique clothes, ruffles, tutus.  And lip gloss!  She has a recent obsession with blush, too, but lip gloss is her favorite.  She loves to wear bows and loves having her hair straightened.  She's recently started blow drying her own hair too.  Such a girly girl!

She's so precious to me, to our entire family.  She's our quirky little nugget and our days would be so much more dull without her around.  Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

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