Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday Things

1) It's Thursday.  Easter is Sunday.  Ask me what I've bought for Easter baskets . . . sigh.  Do I REALLY have to do them?
2) Baseball games started this week and, well, the first game was pretty well disastrous.  J's team lost and lost BIG.  His team doesn't have a pitcher yet, these are all kids playing church league for just the first or second time, no one knows how to pitch.  The other team, however, had a really REALLY good pitcher.  Recipe for dee-sas-tour. 

3) We're at the home stretch of the school year.  I have two weeks until finals.  The kids have their big standardized test next week.  They get out the Friday before Memorial Day so the next month will be full of field days and field trips and all the fun end of the year stuff.  I'm glad I'm done on the 3rd so I can be up at the school as much as possible to have a hand in the fun!
4) Speaking of kids . . . mine have been complete and total turds this week.  I'm talking, conduct marks from their teachers. Allllll year long we've had E's for excellent and G's for good.  This week, two of them walk in with S's.  Satisfactory but BOTH kids got an S for being disrespecting a teacher.  Um, not just no but HELL NO.  They wrote apology letters but, my goodness, that is something that is so embarrassing.  My biggest goal in life is to not raise children who are disrespectful little snots.
5) I really do love this song:
6) The shooting in San Bernadino made me so sad this week.  For many obvious reasons but most of all that it took place in a special needs classroom.  I don't know why that's affected me so much but I can't help it.  Those poor babies.
7) HOW IS SEAN SPICER STILL EMPLOYED?  Of course, I'm talking about the whole "Hitler didn't use chemical weapons" thing and, ya know, calling CONCENTRATION CAMPS "Holocaust Centers."  What an asshole.
8) So Tom Petty is coming to Memphis.  Mark and I both really like him and the tickets are reasonable so please ask me why we're not going.  BECAUSE HE IS PLAYING ON A MONDAY NIGHT.  Tom Petty is old.  The people who appreciate his music are old.  How the heck is he going to plan a Monday night show for old people? 
9) The weather has been so lovely lately but I am ready for some HEAT.  We're ready to get in the pool!  The water temperature was 66 degrees last weekend . . . to which Mark said, "like Lake Michigan in the summertime."  I prefer the pool to feel like a bathtub though!
10) Yesssssssss.

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