Tuesday, April 11, 2017

'Tis the Season. Crawfish Season.

Friday was kindergarten field trip day!  It was at a farm so pretty much the perfect field trip for my K2.  She told me she was going to pet the rabbits and ride a horse (not so likely on that last one, Little Bit . . . )  We were at the field trip mayyyyybe 15 minutes when my phone rang.
The school nurse.
Because WHY NOT?
After all, this woman has called me at least once a week SINCE THE END OF JANUARY.
It's never going to end.
Anyway, she told me that J fell during PE and hurt his wrist.  It wasn't swollen or anything but she couldn't rule out a fracture and I needed to come look at it.  Sigh
K2's teacher gave her the option of staying at the field trip or going with me.  She chose to go with me and then later regretted her decision.  Poor baby.  Anyway, we went to the school to look at J and I knew it wasn't fractured, just sprained, but the nurse . . . I guess she almost guilted me? . . . into checking him out.  So, no field trip and two kids to spend my Friday with.  And we ended up having a pretty great day!  We went to Target, PetSmart, and had lunch at their favorite place . . . Buffalo Wild Wings. 
A local library was having their Friends of the Library sale so we hightailed over there to fill a box for $15.  Sales like these and used book stores were such an integral part of my childhood but I think this was the first time my kids had been to one!  Oops!  We got several books and J found every kids almanac and world record book he could.  All of the kids love those type of books.
Both girls had tumbling Friday night and the kids went with their dad after K2's class.  After the Girl Child's class, she and I met Mark at El Toro Loco for dinner. 
Saturday we were childless so we headed to Russell and Kathy's for . . .


They boiled 100 pounds of crawfish along with the fixins.  Our first boil of the season and, mmmm, they were just so delicious.  Even though I broke my thumb nail on one of those little boogers. 

There ended up being probably 40 or so people over and we just had a blast visiting and enjoying the amazing spring time weather. 

Sunday morning I slept in and it was so glorious.  When I finally woke up, I went into the garage and realized Mark had built a table.  Like, I was sleeping and he was outside creating furniture.  Obviously, we know who the underachiever is in this relationship.  Anyway, we have to figure out if we're going to paint it and what all we're going to do to decorate it but I will show pictures when it's done done. 

We spent the rest of Sunday doing yard work and being lazy bums.  Best way to spend a Sunday!

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