Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We're celebrating a golden birthday today.  K1 is turning nine on the 9th!  Here are nine things about one of my very favorite people on the planet:
1) He is sports-obsessed.  Oh my goodness, is he obsessed.  He plays basketball every morning before school, there's an almost constant football game going in my front yard, and the only Xbox game he really plays is Madden.  He's also a walking encyclopedia of football knowledge -- which is probably why he and the Boy Child split the fantasy football jackpot last season, defeating grown men and winning their league.
2) He's a really good kid.  And I'm not just saying that because he's mine!  He really is just good.  Of course, he has his moments when the attitude is a little strong or he isn't as kind as he could be to one of his siblings.  But, for the most part, he's just really good and really easy, very understanding and compassionate.

3) The boy loves MEAT.  This kid is so skinny that you wouldn't believe the amount of steak, bacon, chicken wings, etc. he can put away.  Steak is definitely his favorite with bacon coming in a very close second.  He also loves his hot sauce.

4) He is very book smart.  He probably does the best in school out of all the kids, he's just a really good student.  For the past two years, he's had the biggest jump in AR level out of any kid in his grade!  It's important to me that my kids try their hardest in school and K1 really does for the most part.  He's always super disappointed when he brings home a not-so-great grade on an assignment.  I never want him to be too hard on himself but I DO want him to always strive to do better.

5) His only option for a future career?  He wants to play in the NFL.  There are no other options, just the NFL for this guy.  After playing college ball at Arkansas.  Naturally.

6) He has always been a cuddle but and - thankfully - he still is.  I know these days are fleeting.  We've already reached the point where he'll slip his hand in mine in public, realize what he's doing and let go.  But the boy loves to cuddle.

7) So, K1 can be kind of . . . oblivious.  One of his teachers told me once he's the "absent minded professor" type and that's the BEST way to describe him.  He's smart as a whip but he's also the type that will walk into a door or something (he get it from his Mama.)  In our house, we have what we call the "K1 Duh Award" that's generally either handed out to him or the Boy Child.  All in good fun!

8) K1 puts his WHOLE HEART into whatever he's doing.  Whether it's on the basketball court, the baseball field, or just a game of Madden football.  He is all heart.  He tries so hard.  And he is very passionate both when he wins and win he loses. 

9) I often think that if his dad and I did anything right it's that we made this kid.  He has a heart of gold and he's such a joy and brings so much joy to others.  I can't believe my grumpy old man toddler has turned into this fun and funny, amazing kid.

My baby boy!  Happy Birthday Kyker-Roony Man!

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