Tuesday, May 16, 2017

People Let Me Tell Ya Bout My Weeeeeekend

I had an amazing Mother's Day weekend!
I love when Mother's Day falls late.  My birthday is Friday so it feels like a whole of, ya know, celebrating ME.  Ha! 
Friday night, we kicked the weekend off with dinner at Celtic Crossing.  Russell's son was playing a double set.  So we got to support him, sit on a patio for dinner, and visit with friends.  It was a good time but, man, the service at Celtic Crossing was just so, so bad.  So bad.  I did have a grilled ham and cheese sandwich that was spectacular but that was mixed with a waiter who ACTUALLY ROLLED HIS EYES once when I tried to get his attention.  Hello, I have pre-teens. I get enough eye rolls in my own house.  I don't need them from you Mr. Waiter Man.
Saturday, we had a kid-free few hours and decided to spend those downtown.  Anthony had a hometown friend visiting and they were headed to Jerry Lawler's.  We decided to meet them there.
So, growing up the boys - and the PawPaw! - in my family were all about the wrasslin.'  It was on TV all the time, my cousins had all the little wrestling figures.  It was a big deal.  Jerry Lawler is a former wrestler and his restaurant is completely dedicated to all things wrasslin'.  The menfolk in my family would've loved it.
We even got to meet The King himself.  He spent a good hour and a half, walking around and talking to patrons.  Awesome for his business!
Saturday evening was spent at Russell and Kathy's.  They put together a birthday party for one of their friends.  Mark grilled and we just hung out.  The weather was AMAZING.  I'm so glad it's summertime in our part of the world.
Sunday morning . . . oh glorious Sunday morning where I slept in until nearly 10:00.  (If I'm being honest, though, I do this MOST Sunday mornings.)  It was still nice though.  Mark made a breakfast casserole for our brunch and my kiddos came home just as it was coming out of the oven.  And they had donuts in hand!  So Mark and I had breakfast casserole and everyone else had donuts with sprinkles. 
I thought I would interject this here -- my ex-husband and I try to co-parent in a way that benefits the kids.  Honestly, sometimes it's REALLY hard.  Like, really, really hard.  And we just have to keep in mind we're doing what's best for our children.  Anyway, Mother's Day the kids came in with the donuts, a card, and a balloon.  I thought it was very nice of him to make sure they had gifts for me.
And speaking of gifts . . .
My Mother's Day gift was an instant pot!  It was actually supposed to be a birthday gift but was delivered in a box that clearly said "instant pot."  Since I knew what I was getting, Mark made it a Mother's Day gift.  I can't wait to use it!  I know there's  a learning curve but I hope once I get it down that it's something we use all the time.
We thought it would be fun to spend Mother's Day at the ballpark.  So after brunch, we all got ready to go see the Redbirds play.

They had a t-shirt making station as soon as we walked into the ballpark so the kiddos got busy.


We like to sit on the bluff because it's prime position for fly balls and the kids can run around and play.  Shortly after we got there and got situated, Rocky the Redbird came by.

' Bout those fly balls . . .

This kid caught TWO.  He kept one and gave the other one away.
And the second highlight of the day was seeing themselves on the jumbotron.  Day made for little boys!

The Redbirds ended up winning the game by one and the kids were able to run the bases after the game.  We came home and finished the evening poolside.

Mark volunteered to grill steaks but I was just hot and couldn't even think about eating something hot.  I requested chicken salad so he threw it together and we had a late dinner.

It was such a great day! I love that I get to be mom to these kiddos and love celebrating motherhood.

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