Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday Things

1) A look at K1's birthday:

We started the day off with breakfast cinnamon rolls.  My kids request these every single year.

It's spirit week at school and Tuesday was twin day.  How do you get your big brother to dress the same as you?  Make sure twin day falls on your birthday!

Another birthday tradition is that I have lunch with them at school.  K1 and I and two of his friends enjoyed a nice - loud - lunch.  Seriously, third graders are SO LOUD.

J had a baseball game last night so we would down the birthday with a picnic at the ballfield.  Afterwards, it was home for catch and riding bikes a bit before settling down for the night.

2) Baseball.  Oh, baseball.  K1's game Monday night -- he had two singles, a double, an RBI, and forced an our while playing pitcher.  He's on a pretty good team and they won 16-15 to stay undefeated.  J is not having the same kind of luck with his team.  They're just really struggling.  However.  J got a hit the other night - a really good hit! - that advanced a runner to third, started a small rally, and J eventually scored a run.  It's the little things.

3) While I was at that baseball game Monday night, Mark was at FedEx Forum.  Seeing Joe Walsh and Tom Petty!  Not going to lie, I was a leeeeettle jealous.  He deserved it, though, and had a really great time.  He said Joe Walsh put on an awesome show, sang several Eagles songs, and Tom Petty played all his hits.  Nice!

4) Spirit week. 

Monday morning, I got a text from the school reminding me it was hat and flip flop day.  Then another -- oops, it's actually pajama day!  Okay.  Two of the kids chose to wear their jammies.  About 20 minutes after they got on the bus I had a text "oops again!  It actually really is hat and flip flop week."  So, yeah, cool story bro.  I sent two kids to school in pajamas when it wasn't PJ Day.

Yesterday was Wacky Tacky Day and these two were

5) It's my first full week off school and the kids are still in school.  I had visions in my head of laying by the pool.  Cocktails.  Books.  Instead, I've had a cold that's been kicking my butt.  So congested, nasty cough, and a sinus headache that ain't no joke.  And, of course, the weather has been absolutely beautiful.  Almost mocking me.  "Haha, sorry you can't come outside!"

6) So, I'm done with school for the semester (and year!) but I've decided to go ahead and take a summer class online.  I don't need it - I'm just going to take a poli sci class that isn't needed for my degree  - but it'll keep my momentum going.

7) Our president.  I . . . I don't understand why more people aren't upset with what's going on with health care.  Do people not realize how vital coverage is for pre-existing conditions?  How are people expected to, you know, LIVE?  It's very scary.

I won't even get into just how very Nixon-esque is it is to fire the FBI director that was, ya know, investigating Trump and his Russia ties . . .

8) My birthday is next week.  I had a dream about it the other night that we're going to chalk up to too many cold meds.  Basically, I invited every person that I went to high school with -- including some I never liked.  The party was black tie and my mom got us a piƱata.  I'm turning 37.  Yeah, we're going to call that one what it is: lay off the Nyquil.

9) I've been on a book-buying frenzy lately trying to prep for a summer of reading by the pool.  So many books.  I hope to share my reading list next week.

10) Lord in Heaven, let the bottle flip thing never, EVER come back.

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