Monday, May 1, 2017

We Don't Bluff (Until We Do)

It's finals week for me.  We have three baseball games (so long as they're not rained out) and we also have K1's birthday party this weekend.  I'm trying to keep my stress in check and not go crazy.  This will likely be my only post this week but I did want to write about our weekend.
Cause it was pretty great.
Thursday was a huge day for our football-loving family . . . the NFL draft!  I made big-ish plans for a draft party but then the Grizz ended up playing Thursday night.  So Cady and I left these two with all the kiddos and made our way to Beale Street.
We started things off with dinner at Pig on Beale.  We shared an order of hot legs and onion rings and each had a Big Ass Beer.  Then it was on to FedEx Forum for GAME SIX, BABY! 
I can't believe it, but this is the only pic I took the whole night (rather than via Instagram stories and I was a big dummy and didn't save any of those.)  Blah.

It's not even a pic of any of the players.  It's Jerry Lawler, a Memphis wrestler, and some other wrestler.  Like . . . Dubs Tee Eff, Brandi?!?
The game was fun and Memphis fought hard.  But, in the end, San Antonio was just too much.  We lost, series and season are now over.  Our growl towels for the game said "We Don't Bluff" but apparently we did for that game?
The game didn't even start until 8:30 and . . . *yawn.*  That's way too late for this old lady.  I didn't get home until 1 am!
Friday was a special day at the kids' school.  They were granting a wish to a five-year-old girl with cancer to go to Disney World.  They were supposed to dress as their favorite Disney characters for the assembly.

Saturday we finally had baseball games!  We haven't had a weekend game yet because of rain.  All the rain.  And, for this reason,  both boys contend it's "stupid" to play baseball during the spring when it's rainy season in Memphis.  Sorry guys.

K1 has had the good fortune of landing on a very good basketball team (they went undefeated) and now on a very good baseball team.  They're 2-0 and have some pretty good little players on their team.  K1 is surprising me with his natural talent.  He's getting hits and can field the ball like a boss.  I want to think we've found his calling but his heart is with football and basketball.  He's still enjoyed this season of baseball thus far though.
We did a "divide and conquer" with the kiddos on Saturday due to their activities so I took the boys and Mark took the girls.  We had some time between games and could have run home (about a 20 minute drive) but decided instead to have lunch and run some errands.  We ate at Huey's . . . first time ever for J and K1 and I think it's safe to say they're now in love!

J isn't as lucky with teams as K1 has been.  His team is, um . . . interesting. 
They don't have a pitcher yet and, frankly, none of the kids are great at pitching.  They're decent at everything else but without good pitching . . . well, it ends up with discouraged kids and a lopsided score.

J did pitch on Saturday!  He tried his best and I was really proud of him for doing something where all eyes were on him.  Mark is going to help him get a little better at it.

We woke up Sunday to storms and rain.  So.much.rain.  So we did . . . what else?  Broke out the board games!

I found this Memphis-opoly game at Walmart and it's too cute.  The kids loved playing it because they know all of the places and so many of the streets.  J is decent at it and a master manipulator of the other kids.  However.  I owned him - them all, really - TWICE!  Mark said he and I needed to play a round and I told him there was a reason I liked playing with the kids!

I also introduced the kiddos to Clue and J declared it his new favorite game.  Love!
Something else also happened Sunday . . .

She lost her front tooth!  Wahhhh!  I love little baby tooth smiles and now we're going to have all Chicklet teeth in this house.

It was really a GREAT weekend.  Now I'm gonna go knock out these finals, get this birthday party pulled off, and spend next week relaxing and catching up on shows I've missed this semester!

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