Friday, July 7, 2017

A Guy Walks Into a Bar

Saturday afternoon Mark, Russell, and I headed to Doc's for lunch, a couple of drinks, and to celebrate being KID FREE for the next several days.

Before I get into the story, let me describe Doc's to you.  It's actually a TJ Mulligan's -- a Memphis area chain -- but before it was Mulligan's, it was a Doc Watson's.  All the "old timers" (and friends of old timers and friends of friends of old timers) still refer to it as Doc's.  The regulars know each other by name, have developed friendships, and, in some cases, their dogs have even developed friendships.  Russell met Mike at Doc's and now Russell's dog Cambo is "best friends" with Mike's dog Ted.  Seriously, I've never seen dogs so crazy about seeing each other.  Anyway, Doc's is always dark.  It's far, far from swanky.  The wait staff is usually in shorts, tight tank tops for the waitresses who want bigger tips. And Saturday when I ordered tator tots to go with my Memphis press, the waitress said, "because they're tator tots are f*cking awesome!"  It's that kind of place.

And, generally, if you're eating there on a Saturday afternoon - and you happen to be with a regular - that regular is going to know every other person sitting in the bar. 

Saturday afternoon.  I was chowing down on my sandwich when a guy walked into the bar.  He sat a table right beside ours and Russell immediately said, "hey man, how ya doing?" The 'hey man' was our code for: Russell doesn't know this guy.  If he did, he would've called him by name.

The guy said, "Oh, I've been better.  Just been stuck on 40 outside of Jackson for the last couple hours."

We sympathize.  Traffic sucks.  All those big trucks.  Two lanes there so if anything happens . . .

A couple minutes pass and he pipes up again with, "yeah, I was just sitting there and a T-Rex ran right past my window."

Russell, Mark, and I all look at each other.  What?  I thought he was confused.  Like . . . maybe he thought t-rexes were slow?  Like saying, "I was sitting there so long turtles and snails were passing me," something like that. 

He said it again.  And again.  Now, I'm an optimist who wants to think the best of people so I was going for confused bordering on slow while the guys were thinking he's nuts

People.  A full half hour passed - 30 minutes of us thinking this guy who randomly walked into Doc's on Saturday afternoon was in some way off his rocker - when he finally pulled out his phone and showed us a video he'd taken.  A video showing someone in a t-rex suit running down I-40.

I mean.  Why can't things like that happen to me?  It would be worth being stuck in traffic to see someone dressed as a dinosaur running down the side of the interstate. 

I guess there's a lesson in this: if some guy walks into a bar telling you he saw a t-rex running down the road, he's not always a crazy person.  But, still, I'd err on the side of caution.  ;)

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