Thursday, July 6, 2017


We have had NO KIDS since Saturday morning.  It's been wonderful and weird but mostly, well, wonderful.  Unlimited couple time (except, ya know, this pesky thing called work because we have bills to pay) for the win!
Saturday night, we decided to head to the casino.  Mark had such good luck last time he was there -- and ended up being comped a room and meals so we thought WHY NOT?  We talked Russell and Anthony into going with us and, after a quick stop at Hooters, we were Tunica bound.
We had a good time, we always have a good time, but DANG.  I think every single dealer, pit boss, and waitress had an advanced degree in assholery.  It was a holiday weekend, therefore busy, but, seriously, not one single person we encountered who worked there was anything closer to friendly.  Or even nice.  Or even not an ass.   Needless to say, no comped rooms and we picked up Wendy's on our way back to G-town. 
Sunday was lazy.  I slept in until 11!  Funny enough, our neighbors just had a baby last week.  We went over Sunday afternoon to take them some gifts and the dad mentioned that the previous night was his turn to sleep and, "I slept until 11 this morning!"  Ha!  Funny how much life can change in just a few short years, isn't it?  There were so many years when I was deep in the trenches of babies and thought I'd never, ever sleep in (or just sleep at all!) again.
We held our Fourth of July party on Monday since most people had to work Wednesday.  We didn't have a huge turn out but we still had a blast!  So much that I only took ONE picture.  I present to you my 'Merica fruit tray . . .

We grilled, the two kids that came over swam, we laughed a lot and visited with friends.  Around dark, Mark started pulling out the fireworks.  This man.  He was GIDDY.  He loves fireworks.  Our neighbor brought some over as well and we had a decent little show going until . . .


Womp womp.

The only town in the greater Memphis area where you can legally do fireworks is Horn Lake, Mississippi.  Guess where we do NOT live?  Yeah.  It was the third, though, our neighbors were watching with us, their were fireworks all around us.  I was honestly surprised anyone called the police.  But, at least according to my Facebook, it seems like more people are annoyed by fireworks than enjoy them?  I don't get it: it's one week ('cause, let's be real, the fireworks started Saturday night and will probably go into the weekend) out of the year.  Let people have their week!

Anyway, we curbed the fireworks show after that.  Our guests all left by 11 and Mark and I jumped in the pool for a night swim. 

The actual Fourth was really . . . weird.  The holiday is just so much more fun with kids and I missed all five of the little boogers. 

We sat on the patio at East End for lunch then headed home for a whole lot of this:

We swam.  There was a lot of beer.  I read my way through an Elin Hilderbrand book.  Oh, and we did this:

Monday night when Russell came over, he parked RIGHT IN OUR YARD.  Luckily, our grass is crap anyway and he didn't get close to any of our plants.  But . . . RIGHT IN OUR YARD.  We teased him mercilessly Monday night and then, when he told us he was coming over Tuesday afternoon, we took out sidewalk chalk and made him his own VIP parking spot.

We swam a little more with Russell, talked about the party the night before.  We could hear fireworks going off all around us -- it wasn't even close to dark -- but the men folk thought they had to get in on the fireworks thing.  Again.  Even though the cops were called no less than 24 hours before.  Sigh.

We ended the night with . . . rain.  I've actually stayed in Memphis for the Fourth - rather than traveling - the past three years.  And it's rained every.single.year.  Our town's firework show was cancelled and we ended up sleeping by 8:00.

It was a weird - but fun! - Fourth weekend.  One more kid-free night to go!

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