Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back to School 2017

We had a busy - and fun! - time last week that I still need to write about.  But, first up, HALLELUJAH, AMEN, PASS THE PLATE AGAIN, school started back on Monday!
Yes, school here starts ridiculously early.  Mostly because they get out before Memorial Day and have a week long Fall Break (which I think is stupid because I'm old school.) 
This year we have a first grader, a fourth grader, and two fifth graders.  I kept saying "the fourth graders" to Mark the other day and he was like, "uh, Babe, they're FIFTH graders."  I'm in denial.  That's all there is to it.  Last year of elementary school.  Last year for me to walk them to their class on the last day.  HOLD ME.
I thought I'd do a little something different this year and share a few things about each kiddo as they start the new school year.  Here goes!

K2 is seven-years-old and started first grade. 
She loves playing Barbies and asking every day if we can get a dog yet.
Her favorite color is pink, food is hot sauce (Mark and I were laughing at dinner the other night because K2 actually asked for more meat: but only as a vessel to get more hot sauce to her mouth!)
She loves to wear skirts and dresses; she's definitely a girly-girl!
She's so excited to be in first grade because this means she can join school clubs!  She's anxiously counting down to club night.
She wants to be a mom when she grows up.  I see her doing something like working in an animal shelter.  The girl loves animals and has a heart of gold!
K1 is nine-years-old and started fourth grade.
He has one of the Girl's teachers from last year and two of J's!  I have a feeling, after those two, the teachers are going to find K1 quite delightful.  ;)
He loves football.  Football, football, football. 
His favorite color is Razorback Red and his favorite food is chicken wings or maybe steak (the kid loves meat!)
He is a walking, talking football encyclopedia.  The kid knows so much.  He'll be playing his first year of tackle football for the G'town Falcons.  He's a Dirty Bird (sorry Gigi!)
When he grows up, he wants to be in the NFL.

The Girl Child is ten-years-old and started fifth grade.
Her homeroom teacher this year is fairly young and this is such a good thing.  She came home the first day saying she wished her teacher was her mom.
She loves anything artsy and gymnastics.  Seriously have had to get on to this kid for turning cartwheels in the grocery store!
Her favorite color is teal and her favorite food is cheese quesadillas.
She is very talented when it comes to art and even won the art award at school last year!  She will be running cross country for the first time this year.
When she grows up, she wants to be a hairdresser or something artsy.  And I think either would be perfect for her!

J is ten-years-old and started fifth grade. 
His homeroom teacher is male and I LOVE this!  So good for him!
He loves football and basketball and telling people he's older than he is.
His favorite color is blue and his favorite food is pretty much any kind of MEAT.
He is very conscientious about his hair and clothing.  VERY!  The boy will soon be getting a full length mirror for his room because I'm tired of finding him preening in front of mine.
He is playing tackle football for the G'Town (wait for it Gigi) SAINTS.  He will also be playing violin in the school orchestra this year.
Like his brother, he wants to play in the NFL when he grows up.  He's also open to the NBA though.  ;)

And that's where we are as we start the 2017-18 school year!
Back to that first day of school . . .
I really try to do a few small on the first day that make it a little more special.  Things that get the kids pumped up and ready to start school, excited for it.  What we usually do:
- First Day breakfast.  I usually just do canned cinnamon rolls (my kids love those SO much!  It's also the requested birthday breakfast) but this year they requested blueberry muffins.  I whipped them up the night before because . . . ain't nobody got time for that . . . on the first morning of waking up early again!
- I take them to school.  They normally ride the bus but I take them to school - and walk them to their classes - on the first day.  Mark and our friend Beth both think this is weird.  "I rode the bus on the first day of kindergarten!"  But my mom did it for me and it's VERY common around here.  I asked girlfriends and it seems like about 70% of them do it as well.  Plus, K2 gets VERY nervous.  There was no way I was going to send her on the bus on her first day.  She's my baby!
- After school "party."  So, in years passed, I've done balloons and streamers, banners, homemade goodies.  This year it was this:


But you know what?  They ran in the door and saw the "surprise" and yelled, "YESSSS!" and "I KNEW IT!"  All I ever want is for them to remember things like this when they grow up.  The days that were made a little more special.

- Up until this year, I've always done a special dinner on the first day back.  It's always something the kids love -- usually chicken wrapped in bacon with homemade Chikfila sauce (and I thought I had posted the "recipe" for this and was going to link it but, um, apparently not!  Guess the kids are getting this sometime soon!).  This year, though.  Woo boy.  We had football in the evening and things are just going to be crazy the next few months.  I had no time to cook so we had leftovers: steak, potatoes, and salad.  So basically BEST MEAL EVER as far as the boys were concerned. 

 So, we don't really do a whole lot but we do just enough for the kids to realize the day is special.  They came home so pumped, talking over each other, very excited. 

And finally --

I know it's only Wednesday but this week is whipping our tails!  We're first week tired AND we have football thrown in on top of that.  We literally do not stop from the time the kids get home in the afternoon until around 10:00.  Thankfully, today we have NO PRACTICE - only day this week! - so we can decompress and, let's be real, Cady is coming over so she and I can day drink and really celebrate the kids being back in school.  Ha!

Here's hoping for a really great and super awesome school year.  It certainly got off on the right - and tiring - foot!

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