Friday, August 11, 2017


By now, everyone knows that each year Lay's potato chips sponsors "Do us a Flavor," a contest for consumers like you and me to enter in ideas for a chip flavor.  And every summer they release the top three or four finalists and ask us to vote for the winner.  And, as a chip aficionado and all around person-who-really-loves-food, I look forward to this chip drop as though it were Christmas.  Ahhhh.

This year Lay's released three flavors: Crispy Taco, Everything Bagel with cream cheese, and Fried Green Tomato.

Now, the Everything Bagel didn't even begin to catch my eye.  English muffins all day err day over bagels and plain cream cheese makes the Baby Jesus cry.  Maybe I'm being a tad bit dramatic but, really, I don't like cream cheese and don't want to eat it in any dish where I can taste it.  Because YUCK.

But Crispy Taco and Fried Green Tomato?  Seriously?!?  Hello, Lay's?  Are you making the 2017 Do Us a Flavor challenge all about Brandi?  Because those are two of my very favorite things on Earth and when I saw those flavors my first thought was: Jesus.  He loves me.

I picked up a bag of each earlier this week and (grudgingly) shared with the kids.

The verdict?

Well, there's one nearly full bag in my pantry and another that was completely destroyed less than an hour after opening despite my urgings of "don't eat them all!"  "Save some for Mark!"

I really do love fried green tomatoes.  They're so good, so flavorful, and second only to okra in "fried southern shit that's totally my jaaaaam."  However.  They don't translate well into chips. Either that or the developers live in, like, Washington state and wouldn't know a decent fried green tomato if it bit 'em in the ass.  The chip was . . . interesting.  There was a definite tomato-y taste but you just can't replicate a fried green tomato in a potato chip.  Ya just can't.  It also had a funky after taste.  We were most excited about this one . . . and most disappointed.  Womp womp.

Of course, that leaves Crispy Taco as the clear winner.

Oh yes.  Winner it is.  Winner, winner, Taco Dinner.

Several years ago - back when I still lived in Texas and K2 wasn't even a thought - Pringles had a "seven layer dip" flavor and I loved it, loved it, loved it, FAVORITE CHIP EVER.  Well, K2 is now seven and I've yet to been able to find that flavor since I was gestating her.  It was SO good though and guess what?  The Crispy Taco flavor reminds me a lot of those.  The chips are seriously good.  Taco-y but not so much that you think some queso to dip them in.  They're just . . . they're really, really good.  Like, I could easily find myself addicted.

If you do the chip challenge, pick up the Crispy Taco flavor!!!!  (And don't judge legit fried green tomatoes by what Lay's did with their flavor!!!)

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