Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday Things

1) You know how you go through those seasons of life where you feel like you're surrounded by tragic news and grief?  That's me, this summer.  Three people I know have passed just in the last month.  All were under 50, all had young children, and all left behind grieving spouses.  One was someone I met online ten years ago when we both joined the same mom group.  One I met by coincidence in Vegas several years ago.  She was a friend of a friend who hung out in our cabana and became a Facebook friend then an absolute rock star in the inspiration department as she battled breast cancer.  Another, a boy I went to high school with.  "Boy" is the wrong description as he's a 37 year old man with a wife and child but I hadn't seen him since high school graduation and, to me, he'll always be that 18-year-old boy.
I feel like I've had this little cloud of sorrow following me around like in the old cartoons when a rain cloud would pop up over a character's head.  But I also know that what I feel is nothing on what their families are going through.  I can't imagine how their mothers are feeling, how their spouses are getting out of bed every morning and adjusting to their normal.  It's all just so sad.
2) Our friends Ed and Beth were in town for a bit last week - hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to write about something super fun we did with them!- and I wanted to share a few pictures of the kids.  Ed and Mark have been friends since high school so they - and Beth - have watched each other's kids grow since infancy.  Adding my brood to the group nearly doubled it's size: from seven to eight! Fun fact: three of these boys have an -aidan/ -ayden, -aiden name.  It can get confusing!

3) As previously mentioned, I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  So I laughed out loud when I read this post from my friend D.  She's the best.

4) Around this time of year - back to school - I really get in the mood to listen to Texas country.  Pat Green, Robert Earl Keen, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Radney Foster.  I think a lot of it has to do with me going to Baylor in the days when Pat Green was giving free concerts at the Bellmead Walmart.  Still love him and I think this one is my favorite . . . because, well, George's!

5) You know, these days I look back to the time when I had three babies and I think, "I survived!  I did it!"  And, honestly, it does feel like a real accomplishment.  Babies are hard!  But now I'm in the thick of being their taxi driver and I'm reminding myself of those baby days: I will survive this too.  I mean, I will . . . right?  Because next Tuesday, I have to be three different places at once and next Thursday it's second verse same as the first with added bonus of Mark traveling and not able to help me out.  I have a feeling I'm going to look back on these days and be VERY thankful for our friends who might as well be family!

6) I really - really - hate to see summer slip away (the only thing that makes it even halfway okay is FOOTBALL!) but one thing I look forward to?  Fall food!  I use my oven very sparingly during the summer because it heats the whole house up and, by mid-August, I'm ready for all the cold weather foods.  Let me have my oven on for over an hour to cook the lasagna!  Give me all the casseroles, all the chili!  Basically what I'm trying to tell you is that my family will be eatin' guuuuud again come October or November.

7) That said.  (About the oven heating the house up) August has been relatively mild.  Humidity has been lower.  It's still been hot but 90 with low humidity is so different than 90 with a heat index of 120 that MAKES YOU WANT TO DIE. 

8) I was tucking K2 into bed last night and she told me, "Hey mom, I have a BFF.  Do you know what that means?  Best friends forever!"  And it made my heart smile so big.  I met my first "BFF" in second grade so I'm hoping this is something that really becomes a thing for my girl.

9) I want to brag on once again.  I started reading Angel Falls by Kristin Hannah nearly two weeks ago then got distracted with all we had going on last week.  I went to pick up a book Monday morning and just couldn't with that one -- I've been in such a funk and it's the story of a woman in a coma after a horse accident.  I still have a few books on my summer reading list to read through but thought, what the heck, #treatyoself so I headed to thriftbooks. I ordered FIVE books -- three Elin Hilderbrand re-reads that I want hard copies of, a Mary Kubica book, and Liane Moriarty's newest (from last summer.)  I should have them all in my hands by tomorrow and the grand total was $20!  Seriously, so love me some thriftbooks.
10) *Almost 11.  But the sentiment is still the same . . .

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