Hi!  My name is Brandi, I'm a 30-something mom living in Memphis, Tennessee.

In 2013, I separated from my then-husband and we eventually divorced.  I wish I could say I just did the mic drop and walked away gracefully but, in all honesty, it was a very painful time in my life and I will probably always feel the ramifications from a failed marriage.  It's messy and embarrassing and, if I had a worst enemy, I wouldn't wish divorce on them. 

A little over a year after my marriage ended, I went on a date -- one of many, many dates (I mean, a girl's gotta eat, amIright?!?) -- and ended up meeting the love of my life.  My person.  My soulmate.  The guy I wish I'd found when I was in my 20's and saved myself a lot of heartache.  His name is Mark and I always say that I'm so incredibly lucky to be in love with my very best friend.  He's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Between the two of us we have five kids (you'll see them referred to as Boy Child, J, Girl Child, K1, and K2), a regular Brady Bunch!, and four of them live with us a majority of the time.  It's loud.  It's messy.  It's hard. I cry at least once a week.  But I laugh more often than I cry.  Because even though this life is crazy, it's fun and amazing.

For eight years I blogged under the name "These are the Moments" but, in 2017, I decided I wanted a change.  Something different.  So I moved to this name and "The Second Time Around" was born.  In this space, I blog about life and love . . . the second time around.

I love a whole lot of things.  The short list?  My boyfriend and our family, Memphis (most of the time!), college football (GO HOGS GO), beer, Coke Zero, Elin Hilderbrand novels, country music, ERIC CHURCH, the beach.  Throwing a good party (on a budget!) is my love language.  I love food, cooking and baking, and eating.  My dream job would be a traveling food critic.  Or elementary school art teacher.  I'd love to own a book store. 

I like to think I'm the epitome of "Arkansassy," meaning I'm about 15% classy and 85% red-red-red-red-redneck!  It's just in my genes.

Please feel free to contact me at mysecondtimearound2014@gmail.com

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